Surviving Back to School Stress!

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I want to first acknowledge and congratulate you on surviving the close of summer, and hope you accumulated enough relaxation and perspective to carry you through for a while! Now, as a parent you must deal with the onset of the fall chaos and the process of beginning again with a whole new school year ahead. This transitioning process is part of the cyclical nature of life and life’s many seasons as you and your child/children continue to progress. You must constantly adjust to changes as a parent, and now is no different. Continue Reading…

Embrace transformation!

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You know that it is time for a change and even if it hurts, change is good. Sometimes when you are tired with the status quo, need a new way or are pushed to the wall, conscious change is the only way. Continue Reading…

A New Day-Not Doomsday!

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We are here. The world is not ending. Instead the world, the way we have been living in it is transforming. This means there will be a shift in our collective consciousness. Some people, often prompted by the catastrophic media may count up our bad weather, politics, wars as signs that it is all over. Continue Reading…

A Personal Thanksgiving!

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The point of our humanity is to find our soul amongst the wading, rushing waters of life

The vacuous empty places that we learn to fill with words, work, ideas, emotion and our defenses

We find other people to challenge and comfort us, to eventually help us find ourselves Continue Reading…

Presidents and People!

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Between the entire presidential election process and at their final televised speeches, both contenders spoke their minds, showed their best cards and engaged in a formidable battle to the end. Neck in neck, as the battle drew its last breath, the conclusion was drawn. President Obama was re-elected and they were no longer opponents. Continue Reading…