About Nina

About Nina

About Nina

Hello Seekers, 

I am proud to be an internationally known, Award-Winning and Deepak Chopra endorsed author, insightful speaker, therapist, and life coach. I am here to do my part to help humanity grow and evolve by inspiring insight, inner peace, and joyful, cooperative living. I facilitate other’s growth by supporting my audiences, clients, and readers to find safety and freedom as they acquire new understanding and explore better ways to live and relate.

I pride myself on offering a truly safe place to learn, be empowered, and heal. I love Inspiring Insights for Well-Being.

As an Inspiring Speaker, Workshop and Seminar Leader, I enjoy speaking to medium and large groups. I deliver 30+ years of professional expertise and wisdom with sensitivity, knowledge, humor, and skill. I love my work and am humbled to lead and be of service in the growth, effectiveness, and empowerment of others.

As an Insightful Therapist and Life Coach, I integrate my professional training, experience, and intuitive wisdom.  As I encounter each client and group, I offer many years of wisdom. I am honored to witness each person’s personality, emotion, story, trauma, resilience, and spirit unfold. It is a privilege to be “let into” an individual’s, couple’s, or family’s world. I utilize traditional talk therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Mindfulness, Expressive Arts Therapy, Creative Visualization, Meditation, and Bioenergetics Analysis.  I help others understand, resolve or heal issues, and trauma, and build resources to find strength and peace.  

My work in private practice as a psychotherapist spans 30+ years. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from University of Hartford and my Masters of Expressive Arts Therapy from Lesley University. I am trained by The Life Coach Institute and The Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy and am a Toastmaster.

My Mom’s Choice Award-Winning book, “Parenting for Life” was written after a near-death experience and was endorsed by Dr. Deepak Chopra. It creates a solid road map for your lifetime relationship with your child.  “Parenting for Life” offers a new parenting paradigm with helpful mind and heart shifting information, written with humor, creativity, spirituality, and homework to support you. My book strengthens your lifetime relationship with your child at any age and stage and helps heal adult children.  Subscribe to my blog, follow and like me on social media.  Join my Parenting Movement group called Conscious Parents Unite! on Facebook and Linkedin! www.LiveInspiredwithNina.com

 I am here to help you live your best life yet!  

Take good care,

Live Inspired! ® Nina~ 

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Nina Sidell Inspiring Lives, LLC. is a psychotherapy and life coaching practice dedicated to support, empower, and help heal individuals, families, couples and groups. Nina Sidell, M.A works as a private practitioner who honors this significant work and the people she works with.

Nina’s mission is to consistently provide excellent service, consciously serving to inspire and positively impact the lives of her clients, listeners, and readers. She encourages, educates, and inspire others to lead happier, healthier lives. Promoting insight and positive action creating healing and joy and are at the heart of Inspiring Lives’ core purpose.

Nina is committed to support, teach and inspire her clients, listeners and readers to enjoy a greater sense of personal empowerment, health, wellness, and success in life. She provides a safe place for others to grow their skill sets and does so in a supportive, non-judgmental, and sensitive way. As a therapist, she encourages her clients to look at themselves, their current lives and their history to gain insight, become self-compassionate and know when to move on and when to let go. As a life coach, speaker and facilitator, she provides unconditional support and structured strategies that promote forward movement and positive momentum designed to achieve inner peace, happiness and lifetime success. Nina offers parenting and personal development groups and workshops and speaks on a variety of related subjects. Nina is committed to offering excellence in all of her work and across all platforms.


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  • Trained in CBT by The Beck Institute
  • International Primal Association
  • EMCCC (Eastern Montgomery Chamber of Commerce)
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