What People Say

What People Say

What People Say

Karen Chellow, Founder of Sisters U

I rate Nina's talk, "Raising Children in Our Day and Age" as a 10. You were clear, practical and inspiring. What I liked most was remembering how important children relationships are to the family unit. I could have listened to you for so much longer!

Karen Chellow, Founder of Sisters U

Nina Sidell has vision. She also has a determination to succeed in all of her goals. One of those goals is to be able to reach out to as many people as possible so that they can find happiness from within. Nina lives what she says she has the ability to focus on the positive, delete the negative and the result is contentment. Nina practices what she preaches. By facing the challenges that life throws at you and dealing with them truthfully and non-confrontationally you can live a more fruitful life. This is just one of the ways Ms Sidell can Inspire you to live your life to the fullest. Nina can and will make a more positive outlook on your life from the moment you meet her...I know, it did me.

Keith G., Retail Developer

I had the privilege of meeting Nina Sidell several years ago at a township baseball game where our children played together. She was open and friendly and we became fast friends. What brought us together was the Law of Attraction, which we both embrace and practice. As I got to know Nina I began to see all her many sides. She is a terrific mother, a creative thinker and planner, and talented writer and speaker. Moreover, she is both a therapist and a life coach--a combination that gives her insights and paradigms to work with beyond the norm. Nina is a friend and confidant whom I respect and admire for so many reasons. She has so much to offer that not to consider her inclusion as a guide or coach in your personal or professional life would be a terrific loss. She is wonderful!

Mark W., Dr. of Alternative Medicine, Author, Speaker

I wanted private coaching after 2 education sessions and implement some techniques that were taught. I wanted to learn more things that would help me deal with my family. It feels like a safe and comfortable time to express my concerns about my family. I don't feel judged. I feel like I am being taught new ways of handling things.

Former Client

I've known Nina for years and I'm glad to know her. She's a kind, intelligent, real, honest, and sincere person who takes pride in being her best in relationships, both personal and professional. Nina has a big heart and is big on "inspiration". I know that Nina truly wants to make a positive difference, on a large scale, by helping as many people as she can. I'm sure Nina's proactive work reflects her deep commitment and values as she offers support whenever she can.

Larry S., Marketing Consultant, Public Adjuster Solicitor

Nina’s workshop opened up your mind and vision.

Hank A.

Neala H.

I enjoyed the exercises very much. I feel able to begin un-cluttering. I would have enjoyed a longer session. This class has changed my life.

Neala H. Neala H

I enjoyed this workshop much more than I expected. I took it for my friend to have company and ended up learning also for myself. Nina had great control, guided the class very well to keep us on track. I really had a ball in this class. It opened up so many ideas for my life inventory!

Laura H. Laura H.
Laura H.

Greg Campisi, Founder and President of AWAKEN Center for Human Evolution

I really enjoyed Nina's talk on the Importance of Human Connection at the Awaken Our Relationships event. It forced me to step back and look at the main behaviors and ways I connect and disconnect from the people in my life, and made me realize how much I want to deepen my connections with more people, and to the people I'm closest to. Thank you, Nina!

Greg Campisi, Founder and President of AWAKEN Center for Human Evolution

I have had the privilege of knowing Nina for many years.  She is honest, authentic, and intuitive.   Her parenting skills are evident to all who know her and her children. She is on the path of personal discovery which has proven to be helpful in her work. She can relate to all kinds of life situations. Nina shares her knowledge and expertise generously and gets great personal satisfaction from helping others.

Karen D., Esthetician, Aesthetics Instructor, Make-Up Artist, Reiki Master

Nina is very intuitive. She is a caring person. She tries in every session to turn things into Positives. That is refreshing!

Joan M.

I really did enjoy your workshop. I think you did a great job with didactic and experiential aspects together. I think you provided some really good information, especially focusing on how one feels internally and paying attention to cues. I enjoyed the interactive exercises which were prompted by the cards to really mingle and connect. I found it really fun and enjoyable. You have a natural ability to engage people and keep them involved and enthusiastic.

Gary S.,  Liscenced Psychologist

Nina is empathetic, kind, intuitive and intelligent. She can get to the core issues quickly. Her efforts have wonderful benefits for our entire family.

Jane B.

We needed coaching to be better parents. We contacted Nina to help provide parenting tools so we can be effective parents and act in a less angry manner.

Former Client

You are very powerful, thank you. Your presentation was perfect!

Dr. Dan L.

Nina is nurturing, maternal, healer; a positive force, spiritual. I will definitely refer families to Nina. You are a great healer. Thank you!

Jen M.

Our family had become all work and no fun. We had forgotten how to be a family and had become a set of individuals at odds. I liked learning about affirmations, little reminders, "team" project and more.

Former Client

I was really struggling with teenage and rebellious behavior with my 16 yr old son that just seemed to be getting worse. It just so happened that I re-connected with Nina, a dear graduate school friend. In catching up, I told her of my dilemma. I really listened to what she had to say because I was desperate and trusted her expertise, caring and wisdom. Nina advised me to take preventative steps BEFORE the explosions had a chance to occur. She told me to be calm and not provoke but ACCEPT my son as he is in the moment. She gave me a few hints on how to effectively communicate with him.  As example, “we can do it together” or “when is a good time for you”? She reminded me he is growing into a young man and now has control over his own body /mind and ideas and that I must show him RESPECT with who he is and with his decisions as much I can.  We are getting along so much better now.  I realized his behavior was “bad” because my “behavior” was bad. Once I changed, he changed. Thank you NINA, You are truly Inspiring Life!! Thank you!!

Linda C., M.A. Expressive Arts Therapist, IT Search Account Manager

Nina thrives on bringing healing to the soul, empowering people to respect and love themselves, to build healthy and functional relationships with themselves first and then with others. Nina developed a whole guidance plan for me and my children to bring us healing after the divorce and losing my brother at a time when I was not even aware of this need. THANK YOU!!! She is very gifted with her insights into relationships and their dynamics. Nina’s kindness, encouragement, compassion and love, insights and professional guidance make me feel normal again. I feel less stuck, more of an aware mom for my children. I’m looking at where my children are now and what they need now and that’s important. Nina’s empowered me as a mom for all of our needs. Nina’s helped me begin to live a more balanced life. I’m eternally grateful for that!

Yvelise H., Travel Consultant

Nina Sidell's depth of intelligence, uncommon empathy, and irrepressible can-do attitude all contribute to the success of her chosen path in life. This path incorporates her unquenchable mission to help people improve the quality of their lives. Not only is she outstanding at providing her insights, her real genius lies in helping supply the means for people to reach their own insights, using her perceptiveness, intuition and skill. In short, she is sui generis.

Philip K., Manager, Strategic Sourcing- Newspaper Publishing Company