Depression…what to do?!

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This post is in memory of Robin Williams. We have lost a remarkably brilliant comic mind and acting legend. He had a unique ability to connect with people and with his exquisitely immense humor, despite his own personal struggle. Despite 20 years of sobriety, Robin was about to get help again for his depression. Sadly, he never made it back to the path of healing and chose to end his life and the pain that was too heavy for him to carry any longer.

There are treatments both medically and non-medically that help individuals with depression and other mood disorders. It is important to evaluate and exhaust all possibilities when seeking help and relief. For some, Continue Reading…

Define What it Means to be Present!

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You know what the holiday times do to you and to your family. You better than anyone can feel the undercurrents rattling and roaring in yourself, the world, and your environment. The question is: how present are you in the moment? How truly present are you with the ones you love, the ones who need your presence most? Your presence is required to respond appropriately to who you are interacting with. Your presence is required to guide you to talk and listen with the greatest calm, clarity and focus that you can with others. If you have a child or children, they need your loving, caring attention and connected presence, no matter what else is going on for you. When you are present within yourself, Continue Reading…

Embrace transformation!

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You know that it is time for a change and even if it hurts, change is good. Sometimes when you are tired with the status quo, need a new way or are pushed to the wall, conscious change is the only way. Continue Reading…

Safety- Above All Else!

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We hope for and expect to teach our children to be safe in the world, be in safe places and make good choices to ensure their ultimate safety, health and happiness. “At the end of the day” we want our children safe. Continue Reading…

Be Honest, Be Brave!

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Take a good look at your life. Decide now what you’re most proud of and what areas you have felt stifled in or failed. Find the source within you that has helped you progress or has held you back. Think about your life as a work of art, Continue Reading…