Live in Peace

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We have heard the expression when someone passes away, ‘may they “Rest in Peace” or RIP’. I wonder how we would experience our lives if the expression, “Live in Peace” or LIP was a regular part of our collective modern vocabulary? When you were a child growing up, how to handle life was modeled by your caregivers. You learned how to process and cope in your environment. Now when living each moment of your life, you have the choice to live it with presence and mindfulness. You can live with curiosity and joyful energy or with blinders and ear muffs on and feel stuck or overwhelmed. In order to know which direction you are walking on your path, take a moment to review your attitude about your life. What is the underlying feeling you acknowledge about your life experience to-date? What is the feeling state you want to experience most days of your life from now onward?

Look at yourself and your beliefs around how life has to be or seems to be, from your present perspective. Are your thoughts and beliefs in alignment with your core values and dreams? Are your actions consistent with what you desire and yearn to create?

I invite you to take this short quiz and see where you stand:

  • When you see and hear yourself, are your attitudes and self-talk supportive and nurturing or self-sabotaging?
  • Was living peacefully or claiming inner peace a value in your childhood family experience?
  • How do you respond or react when something does not go as planned?
  • Are you able to release others expectations and undo pressures and focus on your goals?
  • Are you in touch with your authentic self and feelings?
  • Can you practice “non-attachment” to other’s responses or reactions?
  • Do you take good care of yourself or do you put your personal needs on the back burner for another time?
  • Do you make feeling calm and peaceful a priority in your life?

Take your time and re-visit this list if you choose to challenge the way you are living or thinking and want to find more peace in your life. If you want to learn ways to bring more peace into your daily life, begin with self-honesty and empathy. Forgive yourself and others who have contributed to minimizing your inner peace and give thanks to the peace that you carry- both count! Continue moving toward what gives you inner healing and peace. You deserve it and you will be glad you did.

Live Inspired! ® Nina~

The Purpose of Effective Parenting

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Children don’t come with instruction manuals, nor do parents automatically know what to do in every moment or every situation that arises. In many cases, trial and error can become second nature. When we think of parenting and how to do it well, right, or effectively many things come to mind. It is true that we aren’t taught in a classroom setting or with any one parenting manual “how to” parent well. We parents often learn while in the throes of the parenting experience. We hope to do the best for our children, disposing the rest, less effective, detracting parenting practices. Children need the best start in life that they can have. When they feel safe with their parent in all of the ways possible, their esteem and life open up to wondrous possibilities.

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Parenting for Life Book Blast Off!

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Greetings guys! I am sharing my deep gratitude and thanks for all of you who are my friends, family, clients, colleagues, love workers, and those I do not know as well- but whom we share a positive connection! It is good to share this journey with you! Soon, I will be stepping out into new terrain on my professional path. It is very exciting and I am going for it! It has been a long, arduous, and fulfilling process. It’s time to shine!

I welcome your support, suggestions, ideas, and feedback about my new book Parenting for Life (Consciously Creating Your Lifetime Relationship With Your Child). (Coming out very soon!!!) and the work I do to support parents, children, and families in the community. My book, Parenting for Life will be available on US, Europe, Create Space eBooks, and Kindle. I am starting a Parenting for Life Group Coaching and Support Group. I will be presenting at local wellness, metaphysical centers, private schools and Meetups. Please look for me, my notices, and appearances. Books will be available during those times. Please come check out my work! I run a Meetup group called: Relationship Toolbox (Workshops & Spiritual Healing Group). We welcome new members to come out and build their relationship toolbox- for any and all kinds of relationships. Sign-up for Learn to Live Inspired!® eSeminar Series-a monthly support system for your daily life at:

Please tune-in to my first radio interview. I will be interviewed on VividLife Radio on Edie Weinstein’s Radio Show called, “It’s All About Relationships” on April 23, 2015 from 8:00-8:30 pm. The URL is: Next, read on! The 2nd week in April, an article called, “Planting the Seeds for a Healthy Relationship with Your Child” is appearing in PWBN’s HER Magazine written by Lynda Dell about my book and I. The URL is: I am here to help people live their best lives yet! It is about time my book gets published!!! I intend on making a significantly positive difference! Thank you for your support~ Please feel free to reach out to me if you want clarity, support, therapy, life coaching, or want to join a group. Check out my web site for all of the above in more detail @:

Thank you. Live Inspired! ® Nina~

Unconditional Love!

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What does Unconditional Love mean to you? How would you characterize its components, origin and accessibility in your life?

Is it easier for you to show unconditional love to others, to yourself or both equally well? Do you show yourself unconditional love or do you hold yourself back and give it all away? Does someone have to earn, be worthy or deserving of unconditional love to receive it? If someone hurts, angers or disappoints you, do you continue to love them unconditionally or do you stop? If you stop, are you able to regain it later on? If you are triggered by nasty words or actions of a friend, family member, colleague or lover, inappropriate hostility Continue Reading…

Give the Gift of Your Presence: Stress Less Over the Holidays!

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Give the Gift of Your Presence: Stress Less over The Holidays! 

I hope you have a good holiday season and overall holiday experience!  Below you can see 2 lists that I have created to help you achieve just that! The first list defines what it means to be present, while the second list gives you supportive ideas to help you de-stress, so that you can become more relaxed, centered and  fully present. When you are more  present within yourself, you can be more present Continue Reading…