Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress

Help and hope for the holidays~

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I hope this note finds you well. I am reaching out to you before the holidays begin. We live in a chaotic and complex world that is reflected in inner and outer turmoil. I am here to provide safety from the stress of life as a viable solution. You deserve to be heard, express yourself, and learn empowering tools in a safe, supportive place as you release stress and overwhelm. If you want to, you can improve your mental, emotional and physical reactions thus building a better life and better relationships today.  I will help you build intentional self-compassion and “stand up tall inside yourself” as you continue your sacred life’s journey.


Life in general today mixed with the prospect of family time can bring up strife and unresolved dynamics. The media inundates us with reminders of the upcoming occasions, illustrated with joyous happy people. In reality, many emotions and expectations come up for many people during holiday times because they do not experience the picture perfect celebrations portrayed on TV. Life today for many people is not like an idyllic Norman Rockwell painting. “It is what it is” until you create a better way from this season on.


Please let me know if I can support you during this often richly complex and emotional season.  During transition and holiday time, people can feel particularly tense as finances, obligations, and interpersonal family issues can spike. Learn how to improve your self-care and mindfulness and let’s create an action plan to help you cope. This is an excellent and opportune time to explore a path of healing and forgiveness- for your relationship with others and yourself.

Feel free to schedule sessions with me to offer you understanding, resolution and fulfillment this holiday season.


Reach out to me at: or call me at: 215-628-0282 and I will fit you into my schedule.


I am here to support you to live your best life,

Take good care,

Live Inspired! ®


Give the Gift of Your Presence: Stress Less Over the Holidays!

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Give the Gift of Your Presence: Stress Less over The Holidays! 

I hope you have a good holiday season and overall holiday experience!  Below you can see 2 lists that I have created to help you achieve just that! The first list defines what it means to be present, while the second list gives you supportive ideas to help you de-stress, so that you can become more relaxed, centered and  fully present. When you are more  present within yourself, you can be more present Continue Reading…

A New Day-Not Doomsday!

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We are here. The world is not ending. Instead the world, the way we have been living in it is transforming. This means there will be a shift in our collective consciousness. Some people, often prompted by the catastrophic media may count up our bad weather, politics, wars as signs that it is all over. Continue Reading…

A Personal Thanksgiving!

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The point of our humanity is to find our soul amongst the wading, rushing waters of life

The vacuous empty places that we learn to fill with words, work, ideas, emotion and our defenses

We find other people to challenge and comfort us, to eventually help us find ourselves Continue Reading…

Resolve Your New Year!

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You may be thinking that the holiday’s are finally here, perhaps can’t believe they are in full-swing already! With all the build-up, effort, social obligations, expectations and emotions associated with “the holidays”, it can be quite stressful and exhausting. Christmas and Chanukkah, sometimes Kwanza are well-advertised, creep into our consciousness since Thanksgiving; Madison Avenue’s onslaught can not be avoided. The  effects of “the holidays” remain a part of you, perpetually engrained well-after the New Year.

So what do you do with the aftermath of holiday time as you then quickly welcome in the New Year? How do you process the events, feelings, and expressions, religious and cultural meanings and put them into the mix of another New Year yet to resolve? How do you process another year yet to begin, another set of expectations and resolutions yet to be created?

When you ponder what areas of your life you feel compelled to improve, develop, resolve, extinguish or explore- a “new way” naturally begins.  You quickly determine your list of personal, professional resolutions and think back to last year’s list. You may be one of the fortunate ones, who have stood by your positive intentions and accomplished some or all of your goals. You also may fall into the catagory of most people who have good intentions, yet over time,  reality and practicality have replaced idealistic desires.

Key is to honor your dreams, your new year’s desires, no matter how lofty they may be at first. Spend some time and enjoy fantasizing about what is possible for you, what are your true heart’s desires. Be generous with yourself and throw in some honest  gratitude for what already works in your life now. Gratefully acknowledge what you want or need more of in the future. Let the sky be the limit, imagine your life exactly the way you want it to be! Record internally, write down or share your list with people you’re close to; whatever works to help you clarify and cement what’s most important.

Once done, have fun with your list! A New Year’s Resolution list doesn’t have to be a serious thing, a dramatic or life-changing declaration. Your intentions determine the quality of your personal proclamation, so the outcome of what’s best for you will naturally evolve. Stay with your initial list, leave it alone and then return to it as the days and nights transpire. Be willing to see a thread of common themes, personal dream details that emerge.

Once you take a little time and uncover the prioritized themes on your list, you are ready to make a final draft. Be as specific as possible to help you to realistically tackle what’s most important. In order to successfully accomplish your New Year’s goals, be realistic while you set-up some safe risks. Set yourself up for success, not failure so reach for what you will accomplish accordingly.

If you are a visual person, post your New Year’s Resolution list in words, images or a combination of both so that you can see them. You can add them to your vision board, if you have one or want to create a new one. If you are more auditory in nature, record your resolutions where you can listen to your list and hear the desires of your heart and life. If you learn and remember using tactile or kinesthetic means, create tangible reminders that cause you to feel your list. Anyway you slice it, honor your developing intentions for the upcoming year with a precise medium that you can easily relate to, most naturally digest.

Finally, enjoy the holidays as much as you can. Welcome in the new year as a chance to embrace what works and to start over, sorta speak. It’s your list, what you resolve for your new year if you choose to create it, do it for you! Your resolutions reflect your highest priorities and no one else, unless part of your desires are to improve your relationships with others. Either way, you can resolve that the new year is right around the corner, whether you think about what  it means to you or not! Live Inspired!® Nina~ www/