Give the Gift of Your Presence: Stress Less Over the Holidays!

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Give the Gift of Your Presence: Stress Less over The Holidays! 

I hope you have a good holiday season and overall holiday experience!  Below you can see 2 lists that I have created to help you achieve just that! The first list defines what it means to be present, while the second list gives you supportive ideas to help you de-stress, so that you can become more relaxed, centered and  fully present. When you are more  present within yourself, you can be more present Continue Reading…

Define What it Means to be Present!

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You know what the holiday times do to you and to your family. You better than anyone can feel the undercurrents rattling and roaring in yourself, the world, and your environment. The question is: how present are you in the moment? How truly present are you with the ones you love, the ones who need your presence most? Your presence is required to respond appropriately to who you are interacting with. Your presence is required to guide you to talk and listen with the greatest calm, clarity and focus that you can with others. If you have a child or children, they need your loving, caring attention and connected presence, no matter what else is going on for you. When you are present within yourself, Continue Reading…

A New Day-Not Doomsday!

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We are here. The world is not ending. Instead the world, the way we have been living in it is transforming. This means there will be a shift in our collective consciousness. Some people, often prompted by the catastrophic media may count up our bad weather, politics, wars as signs that it is all over. Continue Reading…

Be Honest, Be Brave!

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Take a good look at your life. Decide now what you’re most proud of and what areas you have felt stifled in or failed. Find the source within you that has helped you progress or has held you back. Think about your life as a work of art, Continue Reading…

Summer’s Calling!

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The warm air is ripe with softness and hope. Wherever you are, feel its grip. Hold on for when fall and winter come. Breathe summer in deep; its magnificent days and nights to enjoy. You hear the city sounds of horns and voices or listen to nature’s orchestra of cricket’s, cicada’s, tree frogs and seagulls. Take it in. Remember it. Connect with the soul of summer. Let it connect to you. Earth’s natural elements Continue Reading…