Evolve your soul

Evolve your soul

Modern Life- Do we Appreciate it?

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In our modern world, we are accustomed to modern conveniences and suffer when we lose them, if even for a limited amount of time. For those of us who were affected by recent snow storms and lost power, it was a definite challenge. The fear of losing daily comfort and possible good health was real. Everyone struggled with the lack of heat, light and electronic usage for hours, days and in some cases, weeks. It challenged the way we live life today. It was frightening for many people to experience how quickly homes got frigid cold (like giant refrigerators) and upsetting to wander through familiar darkened spaces, lit only by candles and flashlights. Some sought respite at nearby homes of families, friends or hotels that had generators. Others chose or were forced to hunker down and bare it out. It was an unusual occurrence, paralleled  by recent Hurricane Sandy- both causing a challenge to modern life creating significant Continue Reading…

Stay Focused on Your Dreams!

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When you were a small child, you dreamed without reserve and believed in the power of your dreams. As time elapsed, perhaps you didn’t get the support you needed to fully explore your dreams or doubted the importance of what you spent your time pretending and daydreaming about. Still, those early dreams had merit and were an extension of who you are. For many, over time, with negative feedback or the realities and responsibilities of life, your once open expanse of inner imaginings changed. Only you know the extent and scope of those changes, parts once awakened, now perhaps dimmed.

When you stop, meditate, re-evaluate your life today, see where your childlike dreams reside. Are they still Continue Reading…

Embrace transformation!

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You know that it is time for a change and even if it hurts, change is good. Sometimes when you are tired with the status quo, need a new way or are pushed to the wall, conscious change is the only way. Continue Reading…

Attract a Great New Year!

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Humility  Nina Sidell December 30, 2012

Light souls in a heavy world

Feel the burdens of the red blood boils

In harm’s way, purity and innocence soiled Continue Reading…

A New Day-Not Doomsday!

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We are here. The world is not ending. Instead the world, the way we have been living in it is transforming. This means there will be a shift in our collective consciousness. Some people, often prompted by the catastrophic media may count up our bad weather, politics, wars as signs that it is all over. Continue Reading…