Winning Team

Winning Team

Presidents and People!

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Between the entire presidential election process and at their final televised speeches, both contenders spoke their minds, showed their best cards and engaged in a formidable battle to the end. Neck in neck, as the battle drew its last breath, the conclusion was drawn. President Obama was re-elected and they were no longer opponents. Continue Reading…

The Path of Peace!

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When you think of conflicts in your life, particularly the interpersonal kind a good rule of thumb is to be aware. Conflicts are designed to alert people to an issue, difference or area that needs resolution or improvement. A conflict signals many things; sometimes one basic sticking point, other times many tendrils that make up the hardship.

Often times, its far easier to identify the conflict or the source of the disagreement than it is to reach for a solution. This is especially true Continue Reading…

The Power of Love- Being on a Winning Team!

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Whether you are single or married, you want love; you want to maintain the feelings of love. It is natural for you to crave good feelings. Love is good, however love isn’t everything. When love is mutually shared and expressed, it’s wonderful, fantastic, and phenomenal. Love gives properly to each person. Lack of love, unilateral, when one-sided, only one person is feeling it,  is lopsided, uncomfortable and unfortunate. That kind of love is self-serving, deprives the other of a good and fair close relationship. UN-returned or non-existent love deprive Continue Reading…