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Live Inspired!R

Live what you teach!

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Live what you want to teach the children and young people around you. That goes for your own self-care and all communications including listening and use of language, messages, and behavior in general. The truth is that kids, whether yours or others, (if they know you and relate to you)- will in some fashion look up to you as an authority figure and an adult. Even older teens and young adults need people to look up to, to learn from (whether positive or negative) to reinforce and exhibit how to “be” in the world. You teach with words, and mostly by example. You, as their elder have a responsibility to convey core values, such as honesty, mutual respect, personal pride, and personal accountability as examples of the best set for those younger people around you. But all in all, your role as someone older, wiser and more mature is to accept and support, lead by example well and not disregard, exploit or manipulate the smaller, emerging young people who need leadership and guidance. Be aware Continue Reading…

Dance to Your Inner Song!

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Listen to music and notice what it does to you. For those of you who love music as much as I do, you can feel its effect on your soul and body every time you hear a good tune. It is like air that breathes life into your soul. Every time you need to move, create, relax, change or enhance your mood or a moment, reduce stress or bring up memories- music becomes one of your default ally’s. It moves us as human beings; those of us attuned to our inner music lover, rhythm brother and melody sister. You listen and feel like a slave to the sound, Continue Reading…

Unconditional Love!

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What does Unconditional Love mean to you? How would you characterize its components, origin and accessibility in your life?

Is it easier for you to show unconditional love to others, to yourself or both equally well? Do you show yourself unconditional love or do you hold yourself back and give it all away? Does someone have to earn, be worthy or deserving of unconditional love to receive it? If someone hurts, angers or disappoints you, do you continue to love them unconditionally or do you stop? If you stop, are you able to regain it later on? If you are triggered by nasty words or actions of a friend, family member, colleague or lover, inappropriate hostility Continue Reading…

Do You— Period!

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Do you- be your own genuine personal best. Keep yourself on track, notice if you are consistent or not when you are around people you interact with. Who do you feel most yourself and comfortable with and why? You will naturally express different aspects of your nature, role or personality in a general sense, so there is some degree of flexibility. However, your essential nature, equipped with integrity, unique personality, character, morals and values are what keep you in-check, so that your ego or id are not running the show.  It’d be like the impetuous child driving the bus. The part of you that knows who you are and what principles you want to live your life by, needs to drive the bus. You cannot control Continue Reading…

Modern Life- Do we Appreciate it?

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In our modern world, we are accustomed to modern conveniences and suffer when we lose them, if even for a limited amount of time. For those of us who were affected by recent snow storms and lost power, it was a definite challenge. The fear of losing daily comfort and possible good health was real. Everyone struggled with the lack of heat, light and electronic usage for hours, days and in some cases, weeks. It challenged the way we live life today. It was frightening for many people to experience how quickly homes got frigid cold (like giant refrigerators) and upsetting to wander through familiar darkened spaces, lit only by candles and flashlights. Some sought respite at nearby homes of families, friends or hotels that had generators. Others chose or were forced to hunker down and bare it out. It was an unusual occurrence, paralleled  by recent Hurricane Sandy- both causing a challenge to modern life creating significant Continue Reading…