teach by example

teach by example

Surviving Back to School Stress!

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I want to first acknowledge and congratulate you on surviving the close of summer, and hope you accumulated enough relaxation and perspective to carry you through for a while! Now, as a parent you must deal with the onset of the fall chaos and the process of beginning again with a whole new school year ahead. This transitioning process is part of the cyclical nature of life and life’s many seasons as you and your child/children continue to progress. You must constantly adjust to changes as a parent, and now is no different. Continue Reading…

Live what you teach!

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Live what you want to teach the children and young people around you. That goes for your own self-care and all communications including listening and use of language, messages, and behavior in general. The truth is that kids, whether yours or others, (if they know you and relate to you)- will in some fashion look up to you as an authority figure and an adult. Even older teens and young adults need people to look up to, to learn from (whether positive or negative) to reinforce and exhibit how to “be” in the world. You teach with words, and mostly by example. You, as their elder have a responsibility to convey core values, such as honesty, mutual respect, personal pride, and personal accountability as examples of the best set for those younger people around you. But all in all, your role as someone older, wiser and more mature is to accept and support, lead by example well and not disregard, exploit or manipulate the smaller, emerging young people who need leadership and guidance. Be aware Continue Reading…