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The Purpose of Effective Parenting

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Children don’t come with instruction manuals, nor do parents automatically know what to do in every moment or every situation that arises. In many cases, trial and error can become second nature. When we think of parenting and how to do it well, right, or effectively many things come to mind. It is true that we aren’t taught in a classroom setting or with any one parenting manual “how to” parent well. We parents often learn while in the throes of the parenting experience. We hope to do the best for our children, disposing the rest, less effective, detracting parenting practices. Children need the best start in life that they can have. When they feel safe with their parent in all of the ways possible, their esteem and life open up to wondrous possibilities.

Each child that comes into our lives is truly a gift worth cherishing and supporting. Each parent begins the journey from within as the experience often reflects where the parent resides in their personal skill level and repertoire. Parents learn as they go and often emulate or rebel against the way they were parented. It is natural for parents to copy the way their parents led the way, yet sometimes it is necessary to question and challenge their parental predecessors and forge new territory with their children. Mostly, the key is in reaching a healthy balance of leadership and compassion. As long as the parent is self-aware, teaching well by example, “the parent is in charge and the child has a voice”, and more described in my book, Parenting for Life— the life track portends a positive outcome.

There are many personalized aspects and developmental stages to deal with when raising and relating to children and young adults. We now have a parenting manual that is designed to help parents, children, and families navigate their lifetime relationship better. My book, “Parenting for Life is a guide book for parents who are contemplating, expecting, raising, or relating to their children. The manual is designed to educate, encourage, and inspire individual and coupled parents.

Families come in all shapes and sizes today. Some parents are married, others are single, some are straight, while others are gay and lesbian. Some parents are inter-generational and others are foster or adoptive. The ages and configurations of today’s family is widely diverse.

The practice of parenting effects the lifetime of the child and parent. Effective conscious parenting has a profound effect not only on the individual lives of parent and child. Effective conscious parenting creates the shared dynamic within the lifetime relationship and can grow with time. The relationships outside of this one are reflected through the ripple effect, a whole lifetime of relationships–both the positive and challenging ones. When done well, parent and child can enjoy their time together. Learning and growing becomes a shared value that strengthens their bond and helps both people grow their lifetime skills and happiness factor. This illustrates the significance of relating consciously, consistently, and effectively– starting where you both are today!

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