What Makes You Feel Safe & Secure?

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How do you feel day-to-day and year-to-year? When you stop, look and listen to the world around you, what makes you feel content, safe and secure? You are aware of the extreme challenges facing all of us today and it is your choice in any given moment how you (want to) respond. Today’s world is filled with speed, chaos, fear, uncertainty, violence, natural disasters, and lack of control. Living in a complex, tumultuous world raising constant threats to peace and well-being affect people’s overall stress response, health, relationships and progress.

It is documented that many diseases stem from stress and we need to find ways to create positive change in the world and within ourselves to avoid that.  Continue Reading…

What is Your Super Power?

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Some aspects of our culture and many family dynamics do not encourage inner strength, however our sense of personal power is valid and necessary, especially to navigate the world we live in today. A person’s strengths are unique to them and are wonderful to discover and acknowledge across a lifetime. Let’s call your inner strengths, “Super Powers”! Who’s to say they’re not?

Inner strength can include: natural talents and gifts (which we all have), healthy self-worth, a positive and resilient attitude, determination and fortitude, intelligence, humor, attractiveness, being loving, caring, grateful, forgiving, open-minded, clever, brave, patient, kind, and much more. Inner strength can be reflected in subtle ways, like possessing sensitivity, inner beauty, and a quiet confidence.

Whatever parts of you that encourage your uniqueness, help you relate well and succeed, or give you reason to grow and develop are your personal “Super Powers”. Continue Reading…

The Power to Sell Yourself!

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To engage with others at work and at home you must first believe in yourself and buy into your identity and role. What is your sense of personal power? How do you value and believe in yourself as you navigate life’s personal, relational, and career path? When you talk or think about yourself, do you rate your worth and contributions with pride or self-sabotage? These are important questions with practical and creative ways to grow your conscious intent and empowerment practice.

Personal power is: 1) The way you see yourself and your life, 2) The way you care for yourself and your needs, and 3) The way you give yourself compassion and strength as you journey through life.

Much of personal empowerment comes down to how you feel about yourself Continue Reading…

What is Your Part?

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I recently tweeted, “We all have to do our part to make it a better world. What is your contribution? It is never too late to make a positive difference.” I pride myself on being a good person and positive contributor to other people’s lives. I do this personally and professionally and it feels like I am living my truth and life’s purpose. As I evolve and grow, so does the specificity of my purpose and life’s work or mission. I am here to help heal the world one family at a time and to help you live your best life yet! Let me show you how.

Are you inactive or actively playing your part in life as a unique contributor? What are you doing that connects you to your best self, to other’s well-being, and to the overall greater good? It is not an obligation to care for others as well as ourselves, although displaying kindness and caring, and taking positive action makes us feel better as human beings. It is time as a society to consciously plant seeds to grow love within each of us and share love outwardly into the world! Continue Reading…

Stand Up Tall Inside Yourself!

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How tall are you and how tall do you feel walking your daily path? Are you able to shift your position internally and externally to feel better about yourself? It is a wonderful tool to be willing to learn and grow by shifting your awareness, attitude, or physicality.

It is in these small acts of intentional learning that you make the most progress, especially the small acts are done consistently.

If you have ever tried the Warrior yoga pose or been to a Tony Robbins event you know that he has wonderful tools to help participants experience learning.  Continue Reading…