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Parenting for Life

Keep Calm and Mother On!

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When I was a little girl of seven, I wanted to be a mommy. I knew that someday when the time was right, my dream would come true. I was a student, daughter, sister, granddaughter, cousin, friend and girlfriend up until the time I got married. I worked many jobs and became a psychotherapist in private practice. When the time came, I became the proud mother of two incredible and lovable children. My path shifted as I morphed into a single mom to my beloved babes, forging ahead with all of the love and guts I could muster. Day after day and year after year I let my heart and common sense lead me. I learned to honor and enjoy my children as the distinctly unique people that they are. I guided, protected, and gave them all that I could as I included myself in the mix, realizing that all of our needs matter. I have beamed with pride since I carried and delivered my wonderful sons into this world and I am still beaming.

I am now the parent of two young adult children who I endlessly adore and my quest remains: to love and honor them as they walk their own paths. I have not been the mother of adult children before and I remain a willing student as I take their lead and learn how to navigate this new role. With an open heart and mind, I thank my sons for allowing me to love them in the best ways I knew how and for always teaching me about who they are and what they need.

I now teach other parents how to best care for their children of all ages. I also support parents to care for themselves since after all, parenting is the hardest job you’ll ever love. With a great big open heart, I remain calm and ‘Mother On’ as each new chapter appears. Today and every day, I gratefully acknowledge the gift of being a devoted mom who grows with her children. Unwrapping this lifetime gift is the best Mother’s Day present I could ever receive and I thank my children always with love, humility, gratitude, and courage. #parenting #consciousparenting  #ParentingforLife #DeepakChopra #MCA #MothersDay2017 #love yourself #love your children #LiveInspired!®

The Purpose of Effective Parenting

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Children don’t come with instruction manuals, nor do parents automatically know what to do in every moment or every situation that arises. In many cases, trial and error can become second nature. When we think of parenting and how to do it well, right, or effectively many things come to mind. It is true that we aren’t taught in a classroom setting or with any one parenting manual “how to” parent well. We parents often learn while in the throes of the parenting experience. We hope to do the best for our children, disposing the rest, less effective, detracting parenting practices. Children need the best start in life that they can have. When they feel safe with their parent in all of the ways possible, their esteem and life open up to wondrous possibilities.

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Media Interviews for my new book Parenting for Life!

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Hello all!

I am excited to announce two media interviews this week about my new book. Parenting for Life that is coming out this May!

Tune into the Radio Interview about my new book!

It’s All About Relationships. “How to Parent for Life with Nina Sidell & Edie Weinstein” | Vivid Life Radio

Speaker_IconListen Here! Wonderful conversation about my book, Parenting for Life. Join us~

Read the article written by Lynda Dell about me and my book, Parenting for Life.

Go to:

Thank you for your interest and support.
Live Inspired! ®

Parenting for Life Book Blast Off!

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Greetings guys! I am sharing my deep gratitude and thanks for all of you who are my friends, family, clients, colleagues, love workers, and those I do not know as well- but whom we share a positive connection! It is good to share this journey with you! Soon, I will be stepping out into new terrain on my professional path. It is very exciting and I am going for it! It has been a long, arduous, and fulfilling process. It’s time to shine!

I welcome your support, suggestions, ideas, and feedback about my new book Parenting for Life (Consciously Creating Your Lifetime Relationship With Your Child). (Coming out very soon!!!) and the work I do to support parents, children, and families in the community. My book, Parenting for Life will be available on US, Europe, Create Space eBooks, and Kindle. I am starting a Parenting for Life Group Coaching and Support Group. I will be presenting at local wellness, metaphysical centers, private schools and Meetups. Please look for me, my notices, and appearances. Books will be available during those times. Please come check out my work! I run a Meetup group called: Relationship Toolbox (Workshops & Spiritual Healing Group). We welcome new members to come out and build their relationship toolbox- for any and all kinds of relationships. Sign-up for Learn to Live Inspired!® eSeminar Series-a monthly support system for your daily life at:

Please tune-in to my first radio interview. I will be interviewed on VividLife Radio on Edie Weinstein’s Radio Show called, “It’s All About Relationships” on April 23, 2015 from 8:00-8:30 pm. The URL is: Next, read on! The 2nd week in April, an article called, “Planting the Seeds for a Healthy Relationship with Your Child” is appearing in PWBN’s HER Magazine written by Lynda Dell about my book and I. The URL is: I am here to help people live their best lives yet! It is about time my book gets published!!! I intend on making a significantly positive difference! Thank you for your support~ Please feel free to reach out to me if you want clarity, support, therapy, life coaching, or want to join a group. Check out my web site for all of the above in more detail @:

Thank you. Live Inspired! ® Nina~

Nina’s events update!

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Hey guys!

My eSeminar Series Learn to Live Inspired!®is launching soon! Then my book “Parenting for Life” comes out! I’m presenting a lecture/ workshop called “How to Deal with Difficult People in a Spiritual Way” This Sat Nov 1 I’m speaking from 1-2 at Being One Center Open House 7770 Dungan Rd Phila (near Fox Chase) . Then I’m at Awaken Healing Expo on Sat Nov 15th 10-5 @ Buxmont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship ! Please come and share with others !!:)
Live Inspired!® Nina~