Depression…what to do?!

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This post is in memory of Robin Williams. We have lost a remarkably brilliant comic mind and acting legend. He had a unique ability to connect with people and with his exquisitely immense humor, despite his own personal struggle. Despite 20 years of sobriety, Robin was about to get help again for his depression. Sadly, he never made it back to the path of healing and chose to end his life and the pain that was too heavy for him to carry any longer.

There are treatments both medically and non-medically that help individuals with depression and other mood disorders. It is important to evaluate and exhaust all possibilities when seeking help and relief. For some, Continue Reading…

Safety- Above All Else!

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We hope for and expect to teach our children to be safe in the world, be in safe places and make good choices to ensure their ultimate safety, health and happiness. “At the end of the day” we want our children safe. Continue Reading…

Summer’s Calling!

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The warm air is ripe with softness and hope. Wherever you are, feel its grip. Hold on for when fall and winter come. Breathe summer in deep; its magnificent days and nights to enjoy. You hear the city sounds of horns and voices or listen to nature’s orchestra of cricket’s, cicada’s, tree frogs and seagulls. Take it in. Remember it. Connect with the soul of summer. Let it connect to you. Earth’s natural elements Continue Reading…

Give up worry!

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When you awake in the beginning of each day, commit to release some unwanted, unneeded negative habit. Be willing to let go of a bad habit that stresses you out, and keeps you down. Worry is one of those energy zappers-a big waste of time and energy. It ties up energies best spent on better, more positive and productive things. Decide to release the habit of worry, not to invent something or someone to worry about needlessly. For many people, Continue Reading…

Receive Life’s Lessons!

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Greet each day as a greater chance to more fully awaken to life! When you walk outside, look around you. Notice the people, sights, sounds of nature and all the elements nearby. Breathe deeply and recognize your part in the grand scheme of life.  Awaken to your senses, priorities, and the environment’s minimal or maximal stimuli. Notice what you think, how you feel and if you can benefit from your observations. Whether you live in the city, suburbs, countryside or an island the opportunity exists for you to see, feel, receive, process, enjoy and be challenged by everything! Notice Continue Reading…