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Dealing with Change!

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Today’s a day like any other. If you think about it, the way you greet each day truly sets you up for the experience you will have living it. Your expectations revolve around what you’ve experienced so far, and what you expect about what’s to come. If you stay true to your history and your expectations, you may not adapt well if the reality changes. In other words, when you are open to whatever the day brings, whether positive or negative, you receive the benefits of “going with the flow”.

You allow the events, subsequently your feelings, personal interpretations, projections and life lessons to naturally appear to you as they unfold. It is up to you and your perspective alone to recognize it’s magic. You wave the wand and agree to receive and process each change as a message designed to help you grow. You stop the flow by experiencing change as a threat or impediment, rather than a perfect force strengthening as your capacity to deal with life, learn your lessons, and deepen healthy love grows.

Sometimes things happen for a reason, the reasons are crystal clear to you from the get-go, the lessons obvious and immediate. Other times, people and events take you by surprise and you have no idea why or what happened, and what to do about it. So, if you look at life from a momentary and episodic perspective, you have the chance to effectively deal with change all the time! You welcome change with the right attitudinal shift. You are grateful, desire to learn and grow from it, see the hidden gems and find a better way to cope. You welcome change, thus recognize your ability to be a graceful recipient, and proactive agent of change all the days of your life. When you see the life lesson in change, how you can continually learn and grow; you deal with change gracefully, with openness, maturity and personal power. As you master each level of yourself, you will help evolve your soul and best live your life’s purpose.

Depending on how you process change, which is an inevitable part of everyday life, you thrive because of it or stress-out from it. You give yourself greater power, inner peace when you release your fears, take safe risks and grow your self-awareness, strengthen your mental health, wellness and self-care skills. You create another reason to welcome challenge as an opportunity to evolve even further than you have to date! Don’t react or respond as you always have. Try a new way to process change. You’ll see that a very real bonus to your own self-discovery is you invite better, closer relationships with the ones closest to you. In that case, everyone wins!

As you experience both the known and unknown aspects of your life, you feel happy as you learn to accept and adjust. There is not always logic, reason or finality, something you can understand easily when change strikes.  Agree to flow with life and  let go or progress, as needed, getting stronger and smarter with each surprise, each passage. Keep your mind and heart open, move through your feelings, be in the present, keep your integrity, exercise and get rest. Allow the process of life to flow through you, to energize rather than deplete you. Remember the old effervescent truth: Search for the silver lining? By doing just that you find the hidden gems in every roadblock and claim your right to live happier and healthier! Start now, what’s stopping you? Live Inspired!® Nina~

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lisainred - April 19, 2012 Reply

Thanks for the inspiration but I have a very stressful situation. I had a stroke last November and cannot work full-time. I have had to move around for the last five months. Now my family, who might be able to take me in before I become homeless, has turned their backs on me. I can’t believe that I may be homeless in days. I am frantically calling agencies for shelter and wondering why this has happened to me, a college-educated woman who has always worked.

Randi - May 12, 2016 Reply

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Gertrude - May 12, 2016 Reply

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