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A Witness to Love

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“Invite your whole heart into your relationships. Love heals lives beyond measure.” Nina Sidell, M.A.

There are many different kinds of relationships; some last a season, others seemingly momentary, and other relationships last a lifetime. When you are in love, feel deep love for your child, and love your family and friends- each experiential feeling differs. They differ because each relationship comes with it distinct and unique purposes, boundaries, and roles. In another real sense, the experience of loving, accepting, forgiving and lovingly connecting with another person- also allowing them to love you is a kind of “shared magic”.

In my private practice, I see a variety of clients and speak to large groups about conscious parenting, personal empowerment and mindfulness. One of the common denominators in my work is to educate, encourage, and inspire the very best in everyone I come in contact with. In my personal life, I also practice what I teach as I strengthen my practice of: Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, and Resilience.

I recommend that you can improve your life one moment-at-a-time (without judgment or resistance) by becoming a witness to love in your life. Always be sure to learn to love yourself and do it well. Your relationship with yourself and your self-worth stays with you over your lifetime and is worth nurturing.

Look for the moments you experience love and welcome a loving attitude or exchange and when you are unloving or resistant. Look for the love or lack of love you give to yourself. Realize that all healthy forms of love improve your relationships, even if it means a healthy ending.

Tips to Grow the Healing Power of Love in Your Life:

  1. In your daily life, learn and practice: Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, and Resilience.
  2. Tune into your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Notice where love exists and where love needs to be developed.
  3. Observe your words and actions to see when you are reflecting loving thoughts and attitudes and when you are not.
  4. Be open to learning how to increase love in your life, for yourself and your relationships.
  5. Appreciate all forms of human interaction with curiosity and insight, attentive to lifetime learning opportunities.
  6. Forgive others for not meeting your needs or expectations and give yourself what you need.
  7. Practice Gratitude on a daily, regular basis to keep the vibration of ease, joy, and abundance alive.
  8. Set clear limits, and if need be, release unloving thoughts, practices, and unloving relationships as a form of Self-Care.
  9. Ask for what you need to feel loved in your close relationships.
  10. Love yourself like you would a dear friend.

Reach out to me if you, your family, organization, or conference need my support. I am here to help. Live Inspired! ® Nina~

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