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How to Deal with Difficult People in a Spiritual Way

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How to Deal with Difficult People in a Spiritual Way lecture/workshop with Nina Sidell
Wednesday, November 19, 2014 7:00-9:00 pm Cost $20.00

Join Nina Sidell, M.A. for this lecture/workshop to help you identify the difficult people in your life and explore ways to support your emotional well-being and spiritual growth, despite of or because of those relationships. We will define difficult people, explore the impact difficult people have on others and strategies to handle them. There will be a lecture, a creative visualization process and group sharing to follow for those who want to share.

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Nina’s events update!

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Hey guys!

My eSeminar Series Learn to Live Inspired!®is launching soon! Then my book “Parenting for Life” comes out! I’m presenting a lecture/ workshop called “How to Deal with Difficult People in a Spiritual Way” This Sat Nov 1 I’m speaking from 1-2 at Being One Center Open House 7770 Dungan Rd Phila (near Fox Chase) . Then I’m at Awaken Healing Expo on Sat Nov 15th 10-5 @ Buxmont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship ! Please come and share with others !!:)
Live Inspired!® Nina~

Learn to Live Inspired!®

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Do you know how to live your best life yet? Would you like to Live Inspired!®? I’m here to help and am about to launch my eSeminar Series called: Learn to Live Inspired!® You will receive a new module each month that you can access from your computer or mobile device. All you have to do is sign-up on my web site @: and then participate from the comfort of your own home or space.

Learn to Live Inspired!® and you will experience life from a renewed perspective. You will enjoy, respond to and appreciate people, interactions and experiences with an essential life-changing shift in awareness. You will have at your disposal, indispensable paradigms that inspire you to shift your current way of seeing, living and being in your life. As you Learn to Live Inspired!® you live with the 4 I’s: intention, insight and integrity.

The way in which you respond to other people will become clear. You will accept individual differences and lessons. You will neutralize your emotions and reduce the drama in your life. Your creativity, focus and vision will expand. Your view of things will crystalize as you will see all situations as opportunities for growth, including your perception of struggle, challenge and opportunity that shows up in your life. You will increase your personal power while your inner wisdom, peace and joy will grow. You will live with the truth of who you are with courage and quiet confidence. You will live your priorities, purpose and dreams. You will develop new skills to love yourself. You will live an inspired life, moment to moment and life passage to life passage. And lastly, you will inspire others around you. Enjoy the journey. Live Inspired!® Nina~

Please see my bio to help you understand who I am as a practitioner and presenter:
Nina K. Sidell, M.A. received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Hartford in Connecticut in 1980 and her Masters of Arts degree in Expressive Arts Therapy from Lesley College (now Lesley University) in Cambridge, MA in 1984. Nina trained with The Life Coach Institute for life coaching, works as a psychotherapist and life coach with her clients and offers a variety of workshops for individuals and organizations. Read Nina’s blog, follow her on Facebook, Linkedin,Google + and Twitter. Nina’s professional, relatable work reflects her professional intention of educating, encouraging and inspiring others. Nina’s 1st book, Parenting for Life! is coming out soon! Learn to Live Inspired!® eSeminar Series will launch in November,2014 and other Products will be available soon. – See more at:

What thoughts greet your day?

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When you awaken in the morning, what initial thoughts typically enter your mind as you greet your day? Do you tend to imagine and plan your day, worry about something that may happen in your day, or carry thoughts with you from the day(s) before? Since your thoughts are derived from your past experiences, and future dreams- you can control them. Continue Reading…

Surviving Back to School Stress!

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I want to first acknowledge and congratulate you on surviving the close of summer, and hope you accumulated enough relaxation and perspective to carry you through for a while! Now, as a parent you must deal with the onset of the fall chaos and the process of beginning again with a whole new school year ahead. This transitioning process is part of the cyclical nature of life and life’s many seasons as you and your child/children continue to progress. You must constantly adjust to changes as a parent, and now is no different. Continue Reading…