Living with Gratitude!

Ever wondered what you are here for, what you have in your life now that teaches you, you are truly thankful for and is there to help you grow? Take moments to ponder your existence, your life, your relationships, your work, your very reason for being here? Of course, you have. If you want to re-visit or begin anew, take the trip, it’s worth traveling! In finding out who you are, you respect and cherish what you feel and need, create a great future. There is so much to be thankful for every day, every phase and stage. Especially today on Thanksgiving, you are given a day of unabashed culturally global gratitude in remembrance and celebration of life’s gifts. Celebrating Thanksgiving is (more…)

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Relationships Change!

You know how you feel when life is good, when you’re secure with the people in your life. You feel good when you know who your friends are, who you’re related to, dating, in love with, married to; who you think or hope is “the one”. The feeling of emotional security captures your heart, erases the need to question, fear, worry, may or may not minimize any tendencies to self-delude.

What happens when your ideal picture changes, the glass of friendship or love slightly cracks or more significantly shatters? How do you respond to the inevitable choice to feel what is real, possibly let go of what has become increasingly unreal? Where do your good feelings go when you face change, break-up or lose a relationship?

A good rule of thumb is to be aware of yourself, your feelings, and the lessons that appear to you in each of your relationships. Be vigilantly aware of what’s going on in the moment, how you feel with that person, and feelings triggered by your association with them. As you get familiar with what exists between and (more…)

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Parenting with a Purpose!

Welcome to my blog! Today’s topic is about parenting. I just completed my first book, introducing a new niche’ in parenting. I was inspired to write this following a near-death experience, being hit by an SUV as a pedestrian. A higher calling, bigger life’s purpose revealed itself to me and I decided to listen. I chose the topic of parenting as an expert from my years working with families as a therapist, being a child advocate, and devoted mother. I chose the subject of parenting because I understand, and am aware of the tools that work and don’t work. The subject of parenting is near and dear to my heart.

You are a parent by choice or surprise. You choose (more…)

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Shift Your Attitude!

Welcome to my blog! This discussion offers you the opportunity to see your life’s events, limitations and challenges as opportunities for growth and new beginnings. You face yourself daily, a midst everyone and everything else buzzing around you. You choose how and what to deal with, confront, react to, ignore and postpone. Ultimately, you decide what your priorities are, how you respond, how you conduct your life.

Good rule of thumb to remember about your life is that it consists of 20% about what happens to you and 80% how you respond to it. This essential distinction (more…)

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Live Inspired! with Nina

Hello, and welcome to my first blog post! I am here to inspire you to learn, grow, release your fears, relieve stress, move past self-limiting beliefs, and heal your relationships. From parenting, to dating and relating, and business collaborations; I teach people how to connect. I support you to be personally empowered, find health, wellness, joy and success in your life! I focus on supporting you to learn new skills, take safe risks and move away from your…

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Welcome to LIVE INSPIRED! the Blog!

Welcome to LIVE INSPIRED!® the Blog! Nina Sidell Inspiring Lives is a Psychotherapy and Life Coaching Practice working with individuals in person, on the phone and using Skype Therapy. I offer Live Inspired!R The Program for companies, women's groups, colleges and schools. I'm Nina K. Sidell, M.A. and I inspire lives! I offer techniques and programs that improve relationships (parenting, dating and relating), build communication skills, confidence and productivity both personally and professionally for my clients and groups. My transformational…

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