Tag dealing with aging parents

Tag dealing with aging parents

Define What it Means to be Present!

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You know what the holiday times do to you and to your family. You better than anyone can feel the undercurrents rattling and roaring in yourself, the world, and your environment. The question is: how present are you in the moment? How truly present are you with the ones you love, the ones who need your presence most? Your presence is required to respond appropriately to who you are interacting with. Your presence is required to guide you to talk and listen with the greatest calm, clarity and focus that you can with others. If you have a child or children, they need your loving, caring attention and connected presence, no matter what else is going on for you. When you are present within yourself, Continue Reading…

Healthy eating trends, healthy aging

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Today the topic is about healthy eating and what fuels people who are on board with current food and healthy aging trends. It seems that more people are becoming aware of healthy or clean eating. Television programs feature more cooking shows, with particular emphasis on using healthy ingredients with specific health benefits. Being active, pro-active with fitness is encouraged in magazines, and on daytime talk shows. More restaurants feature whole wheat versus white flour pastas and breads and substitute more natural sweets mixed in with the old stand by’s. Fruits, vegetables and lean meats are on more plates, organics available wherever you shop. Popular culture Continue Reading…

For Your Well-Fare!

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When you think about wellness and work-life balance, what comes to mind? In past decades health, wellness and beauty were perceived to be enjoyed largely by ego-driven narcissists, health club enthusiasts, athletes, and for celebrities in the public eye.  Being a “gym rat” took on its own meaning and still does to this day with a slightly different slant, more positive and socially accepted now. Those who watched their calories, ate carefully and intentionally were in the minority, maybe seen as a little extreme in some cases, at least to the mass majority. Wonderful now Continue Reading…