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Hopeful Peace

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“Living with hope and peace (or not) are choices we all make and then live our lives accordingly.” Nina Sidell, M.A.

Life is both miraculous and terrifying, since so much is new and unexpected and other realities include responding to challenging patterns. Miraculous inventions and terrifying realities seem prevalent in this day and age. I believe that one way to deal with so much is to simply work toward inner and outer peace.  Continue Reading…

The Path of Peace!

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When you think of conflicts in your life, particularly the interpersonal kind a good rule of thumb is to be aware. Conflicts are designed to alert people to an issue, difference or area that needs resolution or improvement. A conflict signals many things; sometimes one basic sticking point, other times many tendrils that make up the hardship.

Often times, its far easier to identify the conflict or the source of the disagreement than it is to reach for a solution. This is especially true Continue Reading…