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Hopeful Peace

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“Living with hope and peace (or not) are choices we all make and then live our lives accordingly.” Nina Sidell, M.A.

Life is both miraculous and terrifying, since so much is new and unexpected and other realities include responding to challenging patterns. Miraculous inventions and terrifying realities seem prevalent in this day and age. I believe that one way to deal with so much is to simply work toward inner and outer peace. 

While I feel peace in my life, my normally peaceful heart aches for a friend who just choose hospice care. I feel shocked and deeply saddened by this news and above all, I want her to find peace and love. I knew that she has been sick for some time and has been the poster child, a nurse herself, for mostly cheerfully following all medical protocol for years. She fought and won against one type of aggressive cancer and is done fighting from another more aggressive form of the disease. She has grown tired of her medications and weary from the painful, sickening side effects that are part of the “healing process”. She has support, removed herself from palliative care, and is on medications for her pain: inducing sleep.  As is her right, she has chosen to use hospice services to help minimize her pain and release the life she has known. As her friend I honor the right she is empowering to find peace and release the struggle she has so valiantly fought. With new self-love, she has found it.

How frivolous is this life if we forget the value of it? We are programmed as human beings to survive, feel our bodies, hearts, mind and experiences. This helps us make sense of who we are and what the world outside of us is (or is not). Do you appreciate the moments in your life and appreciate the people, both the easy and the difficult ones?

Life has become complex and intense and this creates stress, stress responses and reactions, and coping mechanisms to handle the stress. In this time and age in history, life is fraught with forward-moving change and progress held up against the backdrop of hostility, violence, and natural disasters. For many of us, in our own lifetimes, we have not experienced the degree of destruction on both environmental and social safety levels as we are facing now. Sure, there have been wars, a depression, natural disasters, murders, and more tragic realities of life- yet not on this pervasively grand scheme. So what can we as individuals and groups do about it and work to create a better world?

The life we lead while we are here in the present, among the living matters. It is not frivolous. What do you do with the time, space, and love you have? What do you create in the hopes for peace and what do you destroy with self-sabotage, fear, hatred, and low self-worth?

The world in which we live needs more peace and peaceful ways remembered. We need peaceful warriors to show up as leaders and we can lead ourselves, following our hearts and minds to places of peace and hope. When we remain open and take risks, we are setting ourselves up for new insight, learning, and subsequent successes.

This is a time when peace is as equivalent as saving the planet. It is scary if we do nothing to promote peace and consciousness and it is wonderful that each one of us can decide for ourselves how to do just that.

Let us examine what it means to embrace hope for bringing more peace into your life. What are your positions on the following topics. What areas do you feel hopeful about and what areas have you lost hope? Read the Tips & Tools Below regarding five primary aspects of life: Home and Family Life, Life Purpose, Love and Relationships, Spiritual Connection, and Physical Health and Self-Care.

  • “Home and Family Life” Tips & Tools

To promote optimism and peace at home, become mindful of your attitude, thoughts, words, and behaviors on a daily and hourly basis. Own your contribution to a peaceful inner and outer environment. Look at making positive changes if your attitude, thoughts, words, and actions need fortifying.

  • “Life Purpose” Tips & Tools

To find your life purpose, become open to all that makes you feel happy, excited, energized and include your talents, interests, and goals in the formula. Write down all of your ideas and evidence. Consolidate significant ideas as initial clues to where your life purpose lies. Once found, live according to your purpose.

  • “Love and Relationships” Tips & Tools

To attract love, romance or friendships in your life, be willing to love yourself more. Become clear about all of your relationships, what you need and receive that fulfils you and helps you become the best version of yourself. Work on yourself and imagine your healthiest and happiest of relationships, with friends and love relationships.

  • “Spiritual Connection” Tips & Tools

To connect spiritually with yourself and a higher source, create quiet time daily. Invite introspective, prayer, and meditation practices into your days and nights. Be receptive to feelings and new (or old) information relevant to your spiritual journey. Explore and practice with authenticity and as an aware individual.

  • “Physical Health and Self-Care” Tips & Tools

To obtain optimal physical health, consistent take care of yourself with healthy practices to help you achieve the maximum results for your physical body. Make health a priority and learn about diet, exercise. relaxation, your anatomy and physiology so you feel and look your best and healthiest.

What do you hope for to help bring more peace into your life? That is the smallest yet biggest question of all. Take some time to ponder your answer and then give this to yourself.

Live Inspired! ® Nina~

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