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What is Your Super Power?

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Some aspects of our culture and many family dynamics do not encourage inner strength, however our sense of personal power is valid and necessary, especially to navigate the world we live in today. A person’s strengths are unique to them and are wonderful to discover and acknowledge across a lifetime. Let’s call your inner strengths, “Super Powers”! Who’s to say they’re not?

Inner strength can include: natural talents and gifts (which we all have), healthy self-worth, a positive and resilient attitude, determination and fortitude, intelligence, humor, attractiveness, being loving, caring, grateful, forgiving, open-minded, clever, brave, patient, kind, and much more. Inner strength can be reflected in subtle ways, like possessing sensitivity, inner beauty, and a quiet confidence.

Whatever parts of you that encourage your uniqueness, help you relate well and succeed, or give you reason to grow and develop are your personal “Super Powers”. You command respect by respecting yourself first. The ability to love and respect yourself fully comes from your feelings of self-worth or the lack of it. Your personal empowerment is preened in childhood as you learn from your family environment and relationships. However, you can improve your self-worth and empowerment awareness as you learn and grow through life. Whatever family history you were given can bolster or stunt your growth, depending on your willingness to evolve.

You are entitled to celebrate yourself and all that you are, even if done internally. You already share your gifts and abilities with everyone around you by being who you are. Everyone else knows your power, so it’s time you do too! So shout it from the rooftops and be proud of yourself. Ready, set, go!

If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

  • The way you feel about yourself and your life matters.
  • The way you take care of yourself/ your needs and the way you talk to yourself is essential.
  • The way you nurture yourself and offer self-compassion during challenging times is life-changing.

You are who you are and deserve to honor yourself fully. This is what self-love is all about. You can love yourself as you work and learn as well.

If you are a parent, keep in mind that you child needs your encouragement and role modeling about valuing  who they are and their own “Super Powers”. Allow and encourage your child to be themselves and grow at their own rate. Be the safe port in the storm and a guiding light to keep them safe and feeling loved. Allow plenty of room for your child to find and use their own voice. Hold a reasonable focus on your child’s unique strengths and gifts to nurture not pressure them, and help them grow into themselves and their preferences in life, as you take turns leading and following. With everyone, including yourself and your children (if you have them)- promote personal strength over fear, self-doubt, or conflict of ego’s and will’s. There is enough room for everyone to claim their “Super Power” as we build a better, stronger world.

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