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What Makes You Feel Safe & Secure?

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How do you feel day-to-day and year-to-year? When you stop, look and listen to the world around you, what makes you feel content, safe and secure? You are aware of the extreme challenges facing all of us today and it is your choice in any given moment how you (want to) respond. Today’s world is filled with speed, chaos, fear, uncertainty, violence, natural disasters, and lack of control. Living in a complex, tumultuous world raising constant threats to peace and well-being affect people’s overall stress response, health, relationships and progress.

It is documented that many diseases stem from stress and we need to find ways to create positive change in the world and within ourselves to avoid that. 

Do you know what makes you feel safe and secure? If it is based on outer expressions of security or other people’s thoughts or behaviors, then you are counting on external forces rather than internal resources to guide your well-being. Sure, outer accomplishments and kudos are great; however inner resources and strengths keep you happier and more resilient.

What can you do to improve your inner well-being and feel calm and empowered every day and every year?

Here are some Tips to Grow Inner Strength & Resilience:

  • Assert Control in areas of your life for yourself that you typically take a back-seat to. Be in the Driver’s Seat in your Own Life!
  • Brainstorm or Daydream your talents, strengths, and internal resources that help you cope and feel good and write them down.
  • Take regular quiet moments of Meditation and Introspection to tune inward and listen to your Inner Wisdom and Inner Peace.
  • Create & use 2-3 daily current, brief, personalized Affirmations steering you to a safe and secure outcomes. Be specific, Positive & Consistent with your words.
  • Practice Self-Compassion when things are challenging or difficult. Reward yourself with Re-Parenting tools, love, and understanding.
  • Be a strong individual with firm Boundaries and Self-Worth. Release Co-Dependency behaviors in Relationships.
  • Enjoy Healthy Outlets that bring your joy and satisfaction so you find Balance and Stress-Relief.
  • Accept and Respect Your Authentic Self. Don’t let anyone tell you not to be yourself (unless you are hurting yourself or another). Who you are is up to you.
  • Be Open to Growth and Learning because that is where real Wisdom comes from.
  • Cultivate a balance between going with the flow and self-discipline to keep you present and mindful.

Whatever you do, make sure that you take good care of yourself and your loved ones. Part of doing that is to recognize your emotional and behavioral triggers and practice self-care as a responsive coping mechanism. When you prioritize your inner sanctuary you can adapt better to outer circumstances, and teach others to do the same as a positive role model.

Reach out to me for support with Therapy, Life Coaching or for a dynamically inspiring Motivational Speaker and Workshop/Seminar Leader. I am here to help as a Transformational Influencer! #Empowerment #PersonalDevelopment #SelfCompassion #InnerPeace #Balance

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