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We’ve Forgotten How to Keep Our Children Safe!

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In these times and over the course of time, we have lost some of our vital human values. In particular the societal importance placed upon the family as well as the protection and guidance of children have gone awry.  In our society, children are subjected to more than overly adult, boundary-less, life-threatening, and intolerable circumstances.

Everywhere you look and listen these days, there are frightening events, disasters and mass murders scaring adults and children alike. The children must be protected from the adult world, worries and realities for as long as possible. Based on individuality and development, a child must feel safe, loved, accepted and protected from harm or worry about adult issues.

Recently, inappropriate words our President spoke were repeated on TV news shows as they dialogued about it’s inappropriateness. Our movies, games and movie ratings excuse and promote acts and images of sex, violence and downright abuse for children who are not old enough to process it. A good example of that is with Marvel Movies where fantastic and energizing rock music is blasted during graphic and slow motion violence scenes. This pairs or associates something fun and exciting with something violent. There are very few G-Rated Movies for young children and families to enjoy. PG-Rated Movies subject the viewer to sexual innuendo and violent acts and images. Parents bringing their young teens into R-Rated Movies are allowing their growing child to be exposed to and possibly eventually desensitized to its raw and adult nature.

When we become desensitized, we do so as a direct result of seeing, listening to and tolerating any material that pushes the envelope based on what is acceptable. It appears that our new normal culture in a large part has forgotten that our children and teens are vulnerable; they need maturity and timing to watch and listen to things like grown-ups do. If we project a new normal culture that disregards the importance of children’s healthy development, we have sunk to a new low.

The act of providing zero adult supervision from the movie makers and advertisers to the parents has deleterious effects upon the natural growth and development as a child before adulthood is reached. This includes over-exposure to content that is more than a child should bear, blasting through developmental boundaries and introducing children who are not ready to face the realities of the adult world. Once innocence is lost, it is never regained so it is a precious commodity in a child’s life.

Emotional safety is just as important as physical safety in a child’s world. We adults are responsible for making sure that every level of safety exists. This includes being mindful to put adult perceptions aside and do what is best and right for the child. As adult’s let’s re-evaluate and assess if the situation, movie, tv show, or attitudes reflect healthy and appropriate choices for the children in our lives’ developmental and ultimate well-being.

Sadly and terrifyingly, our culture has faced the horrific and senseless deaths of our children and young people. It is unacceptable to live in a self-imposed war zone, and we must create a new culture of love and safety for all. This starts with one family at a time and a renewed value for family and children. Family life that is practiced with conscious parenting, relationship by relationship, individuality and accountability are some keys to providing inner security and strength in our children and ourselves. Kids today aren’t always safe to be themselves when they ‘come out’. Children aren’t safe going to school to learn and socialize with other kids. What has the world of humanity come to?  This is a solid starting point to put the focus back on family and children in our more dangerous mega-adult world.

When you hold your precious babies for the first time, you weep with joy knowing that you will love, protect, guide and cherish that little special life in your arms forever and always. How can families, loving or dysfunctional, living in a smart society, with such wonderful inventions and progress of all kinds- be reduced to a society in which our children and teens simply aren’t safe?

We need to remember the impressions we make on our children, with just the right balance of love, protection and wisdom. We lead and they follow and recently, they are leading us and need our support.

Keep the lines of communication open to observe, listen, and be a supporter if your child or teen seems different than usual, pensive, reclusive, or emotional or is exhibiting unusual behavior. Provide comfort if they are upset about what they know, learn and are bombarded with at school and in the media outlets, especially as they grow older so you become a safe harbor in the storm.

Join my group on Facebook and Linkedin called: Conscious Parents Unite! Together we will raise our voices and our families to create a better world!

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