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Stand Up Tall Inside Yourself!

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How tall are you and how tall do you feel walking your daily path? Are you able to shift your position internally and externally to feel better about yourself? It is a wonderful tool to be willing to learn and grow by shifting your awareness, attitude, or physicality.

It is in these small acts of intentional learning that you make the most progress, especially the small acts are done consistently.

If you have ever tried the Warrior yoga pose or been to a Tony Robbins event you know that he has wonderful tools to help participants experience learning. 

I was at an introductory evening event highlighting Mr. Robbins’ legendary weekends and before the end of the talk, we were asked to stand up. We were encouraged to stand as tall as we possibly could, with our heads held high and our hands firmly on our waists.  As it felt kind of silly, yet empowering, we were to envision being a Super Hero.

It was a profound lesson demonstrating the rapid positive physical and emotional changes that occur within the body when small positive changes occur. Simply by holding a powerful stance with intention and deep breathing for a couple of minutes, a slight shift occurred increasing a sense of empowerment. Everyone in the room was grinning from the playful joy, increased energy and confidence boost we all experienced!

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  1. How do you walk through life physically and emotionally? What beliefs do you hold about yourself and what mental attitude and physical-emotional posture do you move with?
  2. Are you more slumped over in stress, worry or hurry, or are you strongly present and vibrant traversing (even glowing) with your head held high?
  3.  Are you a quick mover and shaker type or do you live more tortoise-like moving at a personally slower pace? When interacting with others, how do you connect, share, enjoy and love? What makes you feel valued and heard? The million dollar bottom-line question is, “How do you acknowledge, love, value and hear yourself?” The way you feel about yourself is reflected in your personal stance, your walk, and using your voice well.


These are important questions to honestly ask yourself so that you identify who you are, what you want or need, and how to be yourself in the process.


How do you respond when someone is unkind to you, ignores you, invalidates or insults you?

Standing up tall inside yourself or pretending to be a Super Hero is fun indeed and a great reminder wen we need to have our own backs.

Be your own Super Hero as you love and empower yourself to your own personal greatness!

Live Inspired! ®


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