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Awaken Your Personal Power!

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How many moments in your days and nights have you had a thought, felt a feeling, or became acutely aware of something like a song, sign or statement that simply grabbed you- triggering you to stop and pay immediate attention? How often do you notice how wonderful you are as a unique person as you continue to learn and grow day-by-day? Are you aware of all the chances to stop and see the truth, helping you to evolve and grow?

When you are open to awaken your personal power, start with tuning into your state of awareness. Become comfortable with being accountable 100% of the time. Be present to your conscious intention and responses to stimuli around and within you. Acknowledge all of your strengths and sensitivities- both have great merit. Be aware of any subtle or obvious distractions in your days and evenings as they may be wake-up calls offering you insights or tools about your life.  Add to your repertoire of skill and wisdom by being an ongoing student of life.

Learning opportunities or “insight moments”* offer a stirring to do, act, accept, or live differently with ideas that invite a better experience. To live authentically is to accept an invitation for you to awaken your personal power; a sincere and empowering gift and a call to your soul. 

We all have many thoughts, feelings, ideas and experiences on any given day. The stronger and more profound stirrings that pop out and hit you on the head or touch your heart may be just what you need to embrace your personal power! The thoughts or feelings may elicit memory, imagination, inspiration, fear, anxiety, ambivalence, or excitement. Your interpretation of the lesson or meaning is personal to you as long as you find a way to honor yourself. When you are ready to listen to the stirrings of your soul, you give voice to yourself in a deeply meaningful way; each thought and action support your best life from then forward. You take yourself on the journey of your life and can empower yourself despite or because of your history and expectations. You alone decide how truthfully and courageously you want to live your story in a truly empowered way.

It is your journey, so like a good parent does for their beloved child, attend to and nurture yourself as you go. Personal power comes from going inward, knowing who you are, then honoring and living with authenticity and the courage to be oneself. 

To awaken your personal power and grow your self-love start exactly where you are and focus on the generalities and specifics of where you want to be. Start with an overall vision and hone in on the details after that. As the captain of your own ship, steer yourself to happy waters. Acknowledge moments of brilliance, clarity, good decisions, and positive actions that help you step fully into yourself and your best life. Allow for your fears, anxieties, and self-doubts and learn from them. Thank your support network and the momentary gifts and insights that bop you on the head or stir your heart to awaken, heal and strengthen yourself from the inside out.

Here’s what to do as you encounter the path of personal power:

  1. Acknowledge and pay attention to your thoughts and behaviors, what is working for you and what is not.
  2. Monitor your daily thoughts, feelings, activities, responsibilities, and create a plan of action in writing.
  3. Practice the art of self-honesty and self-compassion with mindfulness.
  4. Be kind to yourself without compromise.
  5. Enlighten yourself to new ideas of how to learn and grow.
  6. Make decisions based on personal ownership, loving yourself, and using excellent self-care.
  7. Teach your children self-care and self-advocacy by example.
  8. Model mutual acceptance, kindness, and respect for others.
  9. Get personal and professional support with close friends, mates, a therapist, life coach or other clinician/practitioners.
  10. Do what gives you joy, satisfaction, personal pride, confidence, and a connection to the truest part of your soul.

Whether you are in the genesis or twilight of your life, take safe risks to awaken your personal power in ways that will strengthen and delight you.  Continue to evolve into the best version of yourself.

Reach out to me via email at: or call my office at: 215-628-0282 if I can support you on your journey toward self-love and self-care as you grow stronger and more of yourself!

Live Inspired! ®


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