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What is Your Part?

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I recently tweeted, “We all have to do our part to make it a better world. What is your contribution? It is never too late to make a positive difference.” I pride myself on being a good person and positive contributor to other people’s lives. I do this personally and professionally and it feels like I am living my truth and life’s purpose. As I evolve and grow, so does the specificity of my purpose and life’s work or mission. I am here to help heal the world one family at a time and to help you live your best life yet! Let me show you how.

Are you inactive or actively playing your part in life as a unique contributor? What are you doing that connects you to your best self, to other’s well-being, and to the overall greater good? It is not an obligation to care for others as well as ourselves, although displaying kindness and caring, and taking positive action makes us feel better as human beings. It is time as a society to consciously plant seeds to grow love within each of us and share love outwardly into the world!Altruism and healthy selfishness both have their place in society as part and parcel of taking care of ourselves and co-existing with others.

The world is in a state of chaos and upheaval which has a great many people struggling, losing their lives or their rights, or fighting on opposite sides of anger and yelling matches. Because of the tension and open divides, it feels upsetting to be a part of it. However uncomfortable and downright frightening at times, unrest usually brings important issues to light and can be the catalyst for change if we take appropriate action. What in the world is important to you? In your life, what are the values you stand by and how do you do that?

What is your part?

1. Are you helping shape young minds and hearts to be authentic, courageous, self-loving and compassionate as a conscious parent, teacher or childcare worker?

2. Are you living with and working toward cooperation, effective problem-solving, curiosity, and mindfulness with your family and friends, job, company, community?

3. Are you creating art, writing, science, or sharing ideas that uplift and inspire yourself and others?

4. Are you providing healthy interactions and conversations at home, at work and with your friends?

5. Are you volunteering or getting involved in a social, political, artistic, or environmental group or movement?

6. Are you promoting good causes and organizations by way of monetary, spoken or voluntary support?

7. Are you running for public office (like many women are doing right now)?

8. Are you opening your heart and mind to those who are different from yourself?

9. Are you able to change your mind about pre-conceived notions about those who are different from yourself?

10. Are you speaking with love and respect to everyone in your life and refrain from gossip or negative character bashing?

11. Are you protecting yourself from being violated and only accept loving and respectful treatment from others?

11. Are you planting and nurturing positive and self-affirming thoughts, beliefs and expectations about your life and your part?

12. Are you aware what your beliefs, language, the use of words, tone and intention communicate to others?

13. How do you respond to others racist, sexist, misogynistic or hateful rhetoric?

14. What do you do that is uniquely your part for this world? You have something special to give as your part to help improve the world.

15. We all have something unique and special to give to ourselves, our loved ones and the world at large. It is an energetic loop of love between us that heals us and our world.

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