Tag Mom’s Choice Award-Winner

Tag Mom’s Choice Award-Winner

Who Takes Care of Mommy?

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Tips for Self-Care, and what it takes to make Mom happy

By Nina Sidell

Becoming a parent summons you to take on a variety of roles and responsibilities outside of life as you know it- including your existing obligations. Delving into new unchartered territory comes with the job description- and continues throughout time, when you are a mother.  From the beginning of your time together, until the end of your time together, as a parent you are stretched beyond singular, self-focused responsibilities, attend to the variety of needs of your child, and everyone else in your world. You become an adept juggler when you are a mother managing your world. So, when the “balancing act” of juggling stops, who takes care of you?

Being a parent is the biggest job you will ever have. As a mom, Continue Reading…

When The Chicks Leave The Nest

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As a parent you nurture and reinforce another life when your child is young. Bit-by-bit your child learns and develops, as you grow right alongside him or her in the present. It is easy and natural to stay focused on daily activities, individual, and family needs. When parenting, your energy is spent in the moments, with some future planning, yet the future of you being apart seems so very far away. Times to look forward to when caring for your little ones include: developmental milestones (physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual), school and peer success, learning to drive, graduating high school, going to college, and then creating a career, marriage, and family. When in the throes of parenting, thinking ahead about your child going off into their life while you get peace and quiet is a distant dream.

Emotionally, however is another story for parents when anticipating the release of a child into the world- when the time is right. Continue Reading…

Keep Your Cool Around Hotheads

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World of Psychology


How many times in your life have you dealt with a hothead? That is someone who overreacts and flies off the handle, doing so with some degree of intensity, consistency, and predictability, typically with minimal provocation. When faced with a hothead who occasionally or repeatedly blows off steam in your direction, how do you process the behavior and keep your cool?

Once you’ve spent time with a hothead, you learn to expect future over-the-top reactions. Their inappropriate intensity and lack of self-control may show up in limited or multiple scenarios. You may feel uncomfortable, even fearful and embarrassed around these people. They may be aggressive, passive with explosive tendencies, unable to appropriately handle stressful triggers, or lack healthy emotional and physical outlets.  Continue Reading…

Hear This Loud and Clear!

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When you were growing up did you ever ask or hear the question, “If you could do without one of your senses, which one would it be?” It is a complex and disturbing query. As a human being you rely heavily on your senses (along with your intellect and emotions) to navigate this thing called Life. Our senses have been called, intelligences, minds, perceptions, sensations, sense organs, sensory skills or deficits, sentient feelings, and physical sensations.

Like many people who enjoy the vast musical offerings during the summer months, I too, love outdoor concerts in abundance. There is something special about feeling the warmth of a summer’s day or sultry summer evening while listening to wonderful live music. While traveling across three states with a friend to attend a music festival recently, I was reminded of just how important our senses are. We often take for granted that which our bodies can do without effort or question. Continue Reading…

Hushed Tones Speak Loudly

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World of Psychology

When we communicate with other people we have the choice to speak, listen, respond, or be silent. We choose to talk in loud, moderate, or hushed tones. Depending on the content and context of our dialogues and how we feel about the person or subject, we share with some degree of forcefulness or gentleness.

While speaking in loud tones produces immediate attention, speaking in hushed tones does not minimize. In fact, often it maximizes the attention given to the speaker or the topic at hand. It is a powerful tool to quiet one’s voice when revealing something serious or important. Speaking quietly works well when sharing something private or personal, when teaching a child self-control and listening skills, and when making a strong point without fanfare or volume.

Delving into conversations, nuances flow between the words and tones Continue Reading…