Parenting for Life book

Parenting for Life book

Keep Your Cool Around Hotheads

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World of Psychology


How many times in your life have you dealt with a hothead? That is someone who overreacts and flies off the handle, doing so with some degree of intensity, consistency, and predictability, typically with minimal provocation. When faced with a hothead who occasionally or repeatedly blows off steam in your direction, how do you process the behavior and keep your cool?

Once you’ve spent time with a hothead, you learn to expect future over-the-top reactions. Their inappropriate intensity and lack of self-control may show up in limited or multiple scenarios. You may feel uncomfortable, even fearful and embarrassed around these people. They may be aggressive, passive with explosive tendencies, unable to appropriately handle stressful triggers, or lack healthy emotional and physical outlets.  Continue Reading…

Hear This Loud and Clear!

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When you were growing up did you ever ask or hear the question, “If you could do without one of your senses, which one would it be?” It is a complex and disturbing query. As a human being you rely heavily on your senses (along with your intellect and emotions) to navigate this thing called Life. Our senses have been called, intelligences, minds, perceptions, sensations, sense organs, sensory skills or deficits, sentient feelings, and physical sensations.

Like many people who enjoy the vast musical offerings during the summer months, I too, love outdoor concerts in abundance. There is something special about feeling the warmth of a summer’s day or sultry summer evening while listening to wonderful live music. While traveling across three states with a friend to attend a music festival recently, I was reminded of just how important our senses are. We often take for granted that which our bodies can do without effort or question. Continue Reading…

“Parenting for Life” in The Summertime Support Group (six weeks)

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Parenting for Life in The Summertime with Nina Sidell, M.A.

Cultivate Summer Closeness- a six-week support group- Starts July 6th!

Calling all local parents who want to prepare for a special summer with your stay-at-home children. Make use of summer’s slower pace with more “family time” opportunities. This is the perfect time of year to re-connect in small and big ways at home and build closeness with the ones you love.


In this support group we will explore:

  • How we define ourselves- our identity and power as parents.
  • The real changes the summer season brings for families.
  • How to create sanctuary in your home.
  • Recognize and nurture your child or children’s gifts and voice.
  • The importance of re-parenting yourself.
  • The essential requirement and practice of self-care.
  • How to honor and respect your child or children’s individuality.
  • Healthy listening skills to employ in all situations.
  • Your child or children’s summertime needs.
  • Parental expectations- reasonable or unreasonable?
  • Holding on and letting go patterns.
  • Creative problem-solving and fun summer activities.
  • How to use Family Meetings to enhance your relationship.

In the lecture, individual, small group, and large group processes we will incorporate sharing, brainstorming, referring to chapters of, Parenting for Life, creative processes, meditation, creative visualization, and journal writing.


Dates: Six Wednesday’s (July 6, 13, 20, 27, August 3, & 10)

Time: 7:00-9:00 pm

Location: Private home in Upper Dublin, PA (given after sign-up).

Cost: $ 295 individual parent/ $465 couples special.  A copy of Nina’s Award-Winning book, Parenting for Life is required for each session. Secure your spot by using the Hire page & Pay Pal at: The book is available at or Barnes & Call: 215-628-0282 with info.

Get yours today!

Belief Net article about Parenting for Life with Author Nina Sidell

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I am excited to announce another wonderful interview with Edie Weinstein about my new Award-Winning and Deepak Chopra endorsed book, “Parenting for Life”. Check it out! Some principles and techniques are drawn from the book and others are additional. I hope it helps readers at all ages and stages of the lifetime parenting journey. I offer individual and couples work, along with “Parenting for Life” Group Coaching. I am here to help you live your best life yet! Live Inspired! ® Nina~

Paoli Blues Festival this Saturday

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I’m enjoying expanding my horizons professionally. Come say hello to me, share a hug or a handshake with me and get your signed copy of, “Parenting for Life” this Saturday, October 3rd at the Paoli Blues Festival! I will be signing books and meeting as many people as I can. I am looking forward to talking with parents, co-parents, children, and adult children who feel inspired to say hello or ask for support. I am offering my professional services as a therapist, life coach, speaker, and new Award-Winning, Deepak Chopra endorsed author to the community locally and at-large! It’s so much to build up and take in and it is an amazing journey! I appreciate your support guys.I am thankful and hope to do my part as people expand and the world begins to heal.

I intend to educate, encourage, and inspire parents, children, and families worldwide!

I will be taking sign-ups for “Parenting for Life” Group Coaching which starts on October 14 for a six-week program led by me- the author of the book and new niche’ in parenting– the practice of lifetime parenting. Learn more and register at: and register to save your spot!

“What the world needs now, is love sweet love….”
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I am here to help you live your best life yet.

Live Inspired!®