Live Inspired!® Workshops

Live Inspired!® Workshops

Honor, Heal, & Empower Yourself Workshop Series

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Join us in a safe and confidential space in this 4-week workshop series. This loving space is created for you to come be yourself, feel safe, be self-honest, and courageous on your path moving forward. You will increase your insight as the true healer of your own life. We will explore and identify areas of your life that need clarity and healing in relationship to others. If you currently feel or have felt disempowered, disrespected, neglected, abandoned, or abused- this is the workshop to attend. You will be supported and guided by an experienced and sensitive psychotherapist and life coach. The space is open and non-judgmental.

We will create a healing path for you moving forward and also for the greater good of the group.  bright sun on path

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