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Tag Mom’s Choice Award-Winner

New Interview in PCM! Parenting for Life- A Revolutionary New Paradigm for Families

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Nina Sidell’s ‘Parenting for Life’ – A Revolutionary New Paradigm for Families

(PCM) Many parenting books that are filled with advice for parents with children of all ages seem like a tug-of-war; but now there is a book with an honest, empowering, and extremely positive and helpful approach to parenting

Author Nina Sidell, M.A. has written “Parenting for Life,” an exciting new parenting book focused on strengthening your relationship with your child — starting from the baby and toddler stages, through the teen years, and continuing until they are mature adults. A true visionary, she has found a way for adults to look back to discover and heal the way they were parented.

“Parenting for Life,” received the internationally prestigious “Mom’s Choice Award,” which honors excellence in family-friendly media, products and services, and the cutting-edge and thought-provoking book has also been endorsed by Deepak Chopra, MD, who said: “If you are interested in conscious parenting, this book is an excellent guide.”

Sidell explains in her powerful 288-page book, that other typical parenting books most often explore what is wrong with a child, where the child gets stuck, or how to remedy behavior problems.

Although these books are well meaning, Sidell says that they leave out “the essential opportunities for mutual learning and growth present within the parent-child relationship, and what the parent brings to the table.”

Many parenting books are filled with advice for parents with children of all ages yet miss the importance of the parent-child relationship across a lifetime. Now there is a book with a positive and revolutionary approach that holds parents accountable and propels healthy family relating; ideal for the times we are living in today.

There are many personalized aspects and developmental stages to deal with when raising and relating to children and young adults. “We now have a parenting manual that is designed to help parents, children, and families navigate their lifetime relationship better.”

“Parenting for Life,” Sidell explains, “Is a guide book for parents who are contemplating, expecting, raising, or relating to their children. The manual is designed to educate, encourage, and inspire individual and coupled parents.” Sidell’s award-winning new book, “Parenting for Life,” provides vital tools to help you connect with your growing and grown kids in new and powerful ways.

Sidell is a skilled, highly intuitive therapist in private practice. She has a B.A. in psychology, and her Master’s Degree in Expressive Arts Therapy. She works as a therapist and life coach with children, families, teens, women and couples; as well as writes, lectures and facilitates workshops on parenting, relationships and personal development. The mother of two sons, who resides in Suburban Philadelphia, has also written numerous articles for newspapers and magazines.

There are three sections in the book and her hands-on approach provides “homework assignments” at the end of each chapter for parents to follow.

One major piece of advice from Sidell is that “the best approach is to “view and enjoy our children for who they are from the get-go,” she explains in her book. “Our expectations are best managed when we look at ourselves, our histories, our attitudes, and our children as they are. It is most effective to be unconditionally loving, respectful, realistic, and supportive of your child in each moment.”

Sidell, who has worked as a therapist with children, couples and families for more than 25 years, goes to explain that “we must value children’s feelings, opinions, wishes, and limits as the lifetime relationship grows.”

Sidell said that families are no longer the picture of the popular ’50s TV show “Father Knows Best.” She explains while the meaning of family has remained relatively the same; the configuration and needs of today’s family has changed in modern times.

Her book on formulating successful lifetime parenting also encourages readers to create a Parenting Journal to work on each of the 20 homework assignments in the chapters of the book. “By applying the principles and practices of the book, you can personalize your own inspirational parenting journey.”

mca_book_coverHere is a close-up look at Nina Sidell’s vital lessons from “Parenting for Life.”

Q: Please tell me about your book.

NINA SIDELL: “Parenting for Life,” Creates a new niche’ and paradigm in parenting. The sub-title for Parenting for Life is “Consciously Creating Your Lifetime Relationship with Your Child.” This book helps readers connect with their children at all stages in their lifetime relationship. It holds parents accountable, discusses the importance of mutual love, respect, and empathy as well as healthy roles and limits. There is homework at the end of each chapter to support the parent on their journey. Practical and powerful, “Parenting for Life,” offers parents of all ages tools to strengthen and heal relationships with their children.

Q: Overall, how do you see your book, “Parenting for Life?”

NS: I feel that my book is a socially relevant and revolutionary guidebook for individuals and couples, both before and after they become parents. This new approach heals lives. It can also help heal adult children who need to better understand and forgive their parents.

Q: What is important to understand about your approach to parenting?

NS: We must tune into where our expectations as parents come from. With this orientation, we can better accept and allow for our children’s individual process. Development cannot be rushed; nor can individuality. Your responsibility is to try to understand what your child is both saying and showing to you, all the days of your lives.

Q: How important is being a role model for our children?

NS: Being the best role model possible is always the goal, since children follow their parent’s lead. I advise parents with children of all ages that the consistent messages they send and model to their children will take hold in some way. A parent models strength and vulnerability as the family leader and how to navigate their inner and outer worlds.

Q: What do you feel is a good path for a healthy parent-child relationship?

NS: It is helpful when a parent identifies their parental feelings and goals around being a parent and welcomes the development of this lifetime relationship. See and love your children as individuals with unique gifts and needs to be valued, cherished, and encouraged. Keep your child safe and grow alongside him or her as you both evolve. Beyond trying to be a friend to your child, a parent’s job is to be the team leader, primarily to be a protector, guide, safe role model, and consistently loving and responsive caregiver to your child. The process of learning and relating lasts a lifetime between parent and child. The relationship starts from the beginning of your time together until the end of your time together. Keep your mind and heart open every step of the way as you both learn and grow.

Q: Why did you write your book?

NS: After a near-death experience I realized that I wanted to expand my work as a practicing psychotherapist to reach more people. I found that the practices and tools that were effective for me as a mother and clinician working with families, couples, and children provided a powerful and practical set of tools — valuable information to share with the world. “Parenting for Life” creates a new parenting paradigm that heals lives.

Q: Please tell me more.

NS: Well, as parents we often learn while in the throes of the parenting experience. We hope to do the best for our children, with the love, skills and knowledge we have at the time. Sometimes parents behave as their parents did, which may or may not have worked then or be effective now. Children need the best start in life that they can have while parents need to take responsibility for their parenting style, history, and role in co-creating this unique lifetime relationship.

Q: Do you have advice for parents just starting out?

NS: I feel that the best approach is to view and enjoy your children for who they are from the get-go. Your feelings and expectations are best managed when you look at yourself and your attitudes about your children. Managing your time and self-care are very important to fortify your energy as life with a child unfolds. Educate yourself and seek support when need be as you learn about your child and how to best parent them.

Q: What does ‘effective conscious parenting’ mean?

NS: Effective conscious parenting is described when a parent is self-aware of their intentions, feelings, attitudes, words and actions toward their child, applying this awareness for the benefit of the child and the relationship. It is utilizing tools and practices that offer growth-focused parenting.

Q: What are some primary roles of an effective parent?

NS: An effective parent’s job is to provide the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual anchor that stabilizes your child’s sense of safety and security, and the wings that give him or her freedom to explore the environment and his or her identity. Another key, aside from keeping children feeling loved and safe, is supporting individuality. This includes accepting and supporting a child’s individual personality, gifts, self-expression, and needs.

Q: What else would you like to say about this?

NS: No two children are alike and each one must be treated as uniquely special. For every family there is typically some dysfunction and up’s and down’s. A parent who can be heart-centered ensures the importance of unconditional love and respect. Inviting appropriate, open dialogue, creating healthy routines and boundaries, and learning experiences are key. An open learning environment, such as welcoming “insight moments” and “lifetime insights” are practices that help the family focus on growth as opposed to challenges- which builds life skills for all.

Q: What is another key to keep in mind?

NS: A home that is filled with love fills up the giver and the receiver… one major key to successful parenting is that love and respect go together, and that they are valued as mutual practices between parent and child. Knowing home is a safe harbor provides shelter from the storms of life, reassuring your child that he or she is not alone. Living in a home that is treated like a sacred place is the best way to start the day and the most reassuring way to end the night.

For further information about Author, Speaker, Life Coach and Therapist Nina Sidell, M.A. and “Parenting for Life,” please go to: www.LiveInspiredwithNina.com. The book is available from Amazon, Create Space, Kindle, and Barnes & Noble.

– See more at: http://pcmlifestyle.com/2016/09/nina-sidells-parenting-life-revolutionary-new-paradigm-families/#sthash.9fR8A35F.dpuf

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We discovered many treasures including surreal floral arrangements, bright ornamental roosters and apples, and sleek bamboo plants floated in marbled water, with intricately braided root bases. The scent of roses and lilies gently wafted in the air. A long, rectangular mahogany mirror hid behind an old-fashioned wash basin and bowl.

Suddenly, a quiet, slightly built man appeared next to me with sparkling eyes and an expressive smile. This gentle shopkeeper had a delicate, elflike quality about him, as he flitted about the shop and shared his floral passions. He gave me precise walking directions to my evening destination. I thanked him saying,” I loved being inside this special placefilled with pure sweetness in every way”. We shared one last sparkly smile and when saying goodbye, he said, “God will bless you today.” I felt surprisingly moved and touched as I had not heard this expression before. I appreciate the words, “God bless you.” Wow, he actually said, “God will bless you today.” I responded in kind saying, “God bless you too”. I turned away with intense gratitude for this distinct and perhaps divine loving message.

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When I was a little girl of seven, I wanted to be a mommy. I knew that someday when the time was right, my dream would come true. I was a student, daughter, sister, granddaughter, cousin, friend and girlfriend up until the time I got married. I worked many jobs and became a psychotherapist in private practice. When the time came, I became the proud mother of two incredible and lovable children. My path shifted as I morphed into a single mom to my beloved babes, forging ahead with all of the love and guts I could muster. Day after day and year after year I let my heart and common sense lead me. I learned to honor and enjoy my children as the distinctly unique people that they are. I guided, protected, and gave them all that I could as I included myself in the mix, realizing that all of our needs matter. I have beamed with pride since I carried and delivered my wonderful sons into this world and I am still beaming.

I am now the parent of two young adult children who I endlessly adore and my quest remains: to love and honor them as they walk their own paths. I have not been the mother of adult children before and I remain a willing student as I take their lead and learn how to navigate this new role. With an open heart and mind, I thank my sons for allowing me to love them in the best ways I knew how and for always teaching me about who they are and what they need.

I now teach other parents how to best care for their children of all ages. I also support parents to care for themselves since after all, parenting is the hardest job you’ll ever love. With a great big open heart, I remain calm and ‘Mother On’ as each new chapter appears. Today and every day, I gratefully acknowledge the gift of being a devoted mom who grows with her children. Unwrapping this lifetime gift is the best Mother’s Day present I could ever receive and I thank my children always with love, humility, gratitude, and courage. #parenting #consciousparenting  #ParentingforLife #DeepakChopra #MCA #MothersDay2017 #love yourself #love your children #LiveInspired!®