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Who’s Listening?

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” Feeling truly heard by another person is deeply satisfying, necessary, and sometimes feels like a treat more than a regular occurrence.” Nina K. Sidell, “Parenting for Life”

Do you feel heard when you talk and share with others? Are you a good listener? How often do you feel truly listened to with your friends, family and colleagues? What acknowledgements are demonstrated to you when you feel that you are being heard? After all, communication is designed for both people in a discourse to feel seen, heard, and understood as a basic psychological human need. When we forget that everyone has something to say, we are more present and truly hearing both sides. Listening well and feeling heard assist in resolving conflict and bring people together. Even if those ‘agree to disagree’, or have no consensus, there is always room for a healthy discussion.

Here are some Active Listening Tips to practice and ask of others:

The Listener:

  1. Relax enough to be available to hear someone else and respect their point of view.
  2. Be present when listening by putting own agenda and reactions aside.
  3. Take turns to confirm what was said.
  4. Ask if what you heard is what the speaker said (versus interpretation).
  5. The listener responds to what the speaker says instead of sharing, comparing, or reacting.
  6. The listener talks after the speaker does in a shared dialogue.
  7. Respond rather than react.
  8. Thank the speaker for sharing.

The Speaker:

  1.  Set aside a good time to talk for both parties where there are no distractions.
  2. Be clear and direct and stay on topic.
  3. Make “I” Statements when expressing feelings or opinions to make the sent message easier to digest.
  4. The purpose of sharing is for the speaker is to be heard clearly.
  5. Blame, shame, name-calling, yelling and insults are not permitted when sharing.
  6. Learn how to self-correct in the moment if need be.
  7. Know that the goal is to be heard and not necessarily to be agreed with.
  8. Thank the listener for listening.

It is never too late to communicate well and to improve your skills and relationships. If I can be of help, please reach out to me whether you are struggling with personal empowerment or relationship issues at home or at work. Email me at: Nina@LiveInspiredwithNina.com. I am here to help. Live Inspired! ® Nina~

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Hopeful Peace

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“Living with hope and peace (or not) are choices we all make and then live our lives accordingly.” Nina Sidell, M.A.

Life is both miraculous and terrifying, since so much is new and unexpected and other realities include responding to challenging patterns. Miraculous inventions and terrifying realities seem prevalent in this day and age. I believe that one way to deal with so much is to simply work toward inner and outer peace.  Continue Reading…

Keep Your Cool Around Hotheads

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World of Psychology


How many times in your life have you dealt with a hothead? That is someone who overreacts and flies off the handle, doing so with some degree of intensity, consistency, and predictability, typically with minimal provocation. When faced with a hothead who occasionally or repeatedly blows off steam in your direction, how do you process the behavior and keep your cool?

Once you’ve spent time with a hothead, you learn to expect future over-the-top reactions. Their inappropriate intensity and lack of self-control may show up in limited or multiple scenarios. You may feel uncomfortable, even fearful and embarrassed around these people. They may be aggressive, passive with explosive tendencies, unable to appropriately handle stressful triggers, or lack healthy emotional and physical outlets.  Continue Reading…

Honor and Heal Yourself with Others!

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As the new year unfolds, walk the way of moving into your authenticity and personal evolution when solo and in your relationships. Follow your own lead rather than blindly following others. If you are someone who is on a personal or spiritual path- good for you!  While on your path, you may encounter others who are on a similar journey. Some of those people will be included in your Circle of Extraordinary People and some will not (as described in the book, Parenting for Life by Nina Sidell). Some relationships will be momentary, like the blink of an eye while others are short or long-term, and others become permanent fixtures in your life. You are responsible to honor yourself within your relationships and teach others how to treat you. Be true to yourself, your process, and timing as you progress on your life’s journey. You learn, grow, and evolve at your own pace. That is your right and personal process- something we all share yet is unique to us all.

When others tell you you are not where you need to be or you’re not spiritual enough, say thank you and walk away. If you are slammed with “should’s” and defensive posturing from others who proselytize, talk but don’t walk the walk, are dishonest, duplicitous, highly judgmental and egocentric, or hostile and defensive, despite preaching otherwise- these are red flags. Typically when you get unsolicited feedback or advice paired with highly self-defensive and dogmatic preaching, it is a mirrored reflection or projection of the other person. The health or dis-ease individuals choose to carry require honest inner work and self-reflection and may not accompany the spiritual person. The spiritual path is a beautiful one filled with love and beauty. Emotional and psychological health cannot be reversed or healed with a spiritual practice alone, devoid of psychological help or work with a good therapist or necessary medication. One can certainly feel better with outside sources and support, yet it is the true inner work that heals you. Simply pay attention to who people are- and not who you want them to be. Set your personal limits or boundaries and trust your experience and feelings. Pay particular attention to how you feel when relating to people. Honor your experience to help you learn, grow, and heal so that you take good care of yourself in all ways.

Human beings come to a place of introspection and self-honesty in a myriad of ways. Growth includes a wide range of psychological, intellectual, emotional, behavioral and spiritual factors and must be included in the spiritual quest. There is not one way to be authentic or evolve in this world and we must learn to “live and let live.” We are all on our own path, in our own time and way, and there are many methods to get “there”. Trust your intuition and inner wisdom as you deal with people, no matter who they say they are. See, hear, and notice how you feel and where you stand in all moments. Be true to yourself and be grateful for how far you’ve come! Learn how to open and close the right doors for you and find peace. Follow your inner guidance, it can never steer you wrong.

Live Inspired!® Nina~http://www.LiveInspiredwithNina.com

Honor and Heal Yourself!

Honor and Heal Yourself!

Get yours today! https://www.amazon.com/Parenting-Life-Nina-Sidell-M-A/dp/1506175589

Author Talk & “Allow Your Relationships To Help You Evolve” Workshop

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Picture1Author Talk with Nina Sidell on January 10th at 10:30 am. Book signing following the talk.
Workshop at 1:30-3:30 pm. “Allow Your Relationships to Help You Evolve” Live Inspired! ® Workshop with Nina Sidell after the Celebration luncheon.

This in an interactive workshop designed to support mindfulness as you allow and acknowledge opportunities for your personal growth in relationships. You will increase your insight as the true healer of your own life. You are invited to join us in a safe and loving space to explore what it means to grow within the context of your relationships. You will identify your path of personal evolution and find ways to strengthen and heal areas of your life when relating to other people. The relationships can be with anyone in your life.

Explore your role and responsibility in all of your interactions. Learn how to accept gifts of wisdom, best elevate your personal transformation, and rise above relationship challenges. You will gain clarity about how you want to evolve at this time in your life. You are invited to be willing to re-think the way you respond to relationship dynamics moving forward and enjoy what works for you.

With small and large group exercises, a creative visualization, and quiet introspection- you will have the opportunity to take away lessons for your soul. Your highest good is in focus while you move through the realities of time, life lessons, relationship patterns, other people’s personalities and agenda. You will create greater peace and harmony in your life moving forward.

Location: Pebble Hill Church 320 Edison-Furlong Road Doylestown, PA 18901 Suggested donation for workshop: $25.00. A signed copy of Nina’s book, Parenting for Life will be available for $20 (cash or check). Parenting for Life received the Int’l. Mom’s Choice Award. “If you are interested in conscious parenting, this book is an excellent guide.” Dr. Deepak Chopra Nina Sidell, M.A. is a skilled, highly intuitive therapist and life coach with over 25 years of clinical experience. She can be reached at: www.LiveInspiredwithNina.com
For further information call: 215-628-0282