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An Accidental Lesson

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My trainer and I enjoyed a wonderful Wellness Expo in Philadelphia. Afterwards, we walked into a magical florist shop that pulled me in. It felt beautiful and enchanting. As we entered, a large white gazebo welcomed us, with colorful, fragrant beauties of all sorts adorning its archway. I felt an immediate air of something Angelic with delights seen and unseen- like a Garden of Eden of sorts.

We discovered many treasures including surreal floral arrangements, bright ornamental roosters and apples, and sleek bamboo plants floated in marbled water, with intricately braided root bases. The scent of roses and lilies gently wafted in the air. A long, rectangular mahogany mirror hid behind an old-fashioned wash basin and bowl.

Suddenly, a quiet, slightly built man appeared next to me with sparkling eyes and an expressive smile. This gentle shopkeeper had a delicate, elflike quality about him, as he flitted about the shop and shared his floral passions. He gave me precise walking directions to my evening destination. I thanked him saying,” I loved being inside this special placefilled with pure sweetness in every way”. We shared one last sparkly smile and when saying goodbye, he said, “God will bless you today.” I felt surprisingly moved and touched as I had not heard this expression before. I appreciate the words, “God bless you.” Wow, he actually said, “God will bless you today.” I responded in kind saying, “God bless you too”. I turned away with intense gratitude for this distinct and perhaps divine loving message.

Once outside, I told my friend, “I think he was an Angel.” She smiled in acknowledgement. We hugged, parted ways, and walked in opposite directions. As I carried my two equally-weighted bags, I felt strong and free thinking about my future.

As I continued to walk, an abrupt event changed my life forever! When I approached the median strip in the center of the massive street, I was struck while walking- on foot! 

Out of nowhere, a large blue SUV ran a red light and hit me as a pedestrian! In that instant, I heard a loud and pronounced group gasp from nearby onlookers of the huge city block. I was still standing and did not get knocked to the ground. Strangely, within about three seconds, it appeared to me that everything and everyone had completely stopped. I consciously turned my head to the right and to the left, in front of and behind me. I saw all of the vehicles and pedestrians set in a freeze-frame, stilted and motionless with an accompanying profound silence. I was the only person or thing moving for blocks!

Perhaps time stopped or I was remotely viewing the scene in an out-of-body experience. Then within an instant, literally in the blink of an eye, all of the people and activities resumed as before. I could have easily died, but instead I survived and received a gift. The hustle and bustle of everyone around me had ceased, and then like a clock re-setting itself, all recharged with resumed normalcy. I was left dizzying alone in the middle of it all.

Astonishingly and miraculously only my arm was impacted by the giant SUV metallic mowing machine. I was divinely protected- guarded by an unseen force. I looked down and saw two pronounced indentations on my left forearm, looking like a rolled piece of clay pinched twice in the middle! I could not believe my eyes and went into an immediate state of shock once I saw my deformed limb. I entered a dreamy fog, feeling like I was instantly medicated. I could feel the wounds on my arm and was frozen in shock. The driver asked me, “Are you alright?” All I could say (with my arms outstretched to the heavens) was, “I don’t know, you hit me! I don’t know how I am, you hit me!” then gleefully exclaimed, “It’s a Miracle! It’s a Miracle!” I asked him to pull over to get his insurance papers.

Despite his agreement, he sped off leaving me as the victim of a hit-and run! A kind man reached out his hand and heart to me repeatedly asking, “Are you alright?” I responded, “I don’t know how I am, I may be alright”. I reached heavenward again proclaiming, “It’s a Miracle!” I was filled with gratitude and awe that I was protected and survived an event that could have ended my life.

The next morning, the ER doctor said, “You must be one tough woman! You are lucky- that could’ve been the end.” I laughed agreeing with her prognosis. My family doctor said, “Your positive attitude alone will help control your parasympathetic nervous system to help you heal better and faster”. I found it ironic that all day, the message was to stay the course of healthy living. The message spoken by the experts to empower our lives- repeated as a Higher Power empowered me.

Like a tap on the shoulder, I could not ignore the deep realizations of the day. In the frightening moments, I was physically and spiritually struck, true inspiration occurred! A strong knowing confirmed I was not entirely fulfilling my life’s purpose. I was reminded, perhaps guided to remember my young dream of helping many people must be fulfilled in a bigger way now. This truth breathed new life into my world. I re-committed as a conscious parent, wrote a book, and became a better therapist and healer. I awoke in the stillness and silence of these transcendent moments. I had more to do- as a window in the heavens opened up to me, cracking me open, accelerating my gifts, and turning my attention to this truth.

I believe that during this Miraculous event, I was watched over by God and the Angels and protected from serious harm. I received a great message and was safeguarded. My life attitude evolved spreading my wings to share my gifts with the world. I use my natural psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudience, clairsentient, IET, Reiki, mediumship, and Angel connections with greater strength, regularity, and ease. I am open to mystical ways of receiving and delivering powerful messages. It is a privilege to intentionally walk through life and tune in to the spiritual nature of existence. I intend to enjoy each moment, live my purpose, and make each step count!

*** Nina Sidell, M.A. is a psychotherapist, life coach, and public speaker dedicated to supporting, empowering, and helping to heal individuals, families, couples and groups. She works as a private practitioner who honors this significant work and the people she works with. Click here to learn more about Nina in her Awaken Directory listing. For Nina’s website, click here.

Here is my Mom’s Choice Award-Winning book Deepak Chopra endorsed written after this experience:

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