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The Welfare and Protection of Our Children

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We are currently living in a society where 17 shootings have occurred over the past year. Many lives have been lost and many lives have been changed forever. The sense of fear and loss has increased for all as a result of these senseless tragedies. Those who have lost loved ones and those who are directly and indirectly effected, it becomes a new normal, which feels abnormal to be dealing with. This has become the standard in the early part of the 21st Century; living with sudden, shocking and frightening events that threaten our very safety and security and way of life.

We are recoiling from the recent massacre of 17 innocent lives, much of whom were only 14-17 years of age, along with some adult heroes for no reason at all. There was ample evidence from early on that the 19 year old shooter expressed his discontent, anger and maleficence exhibiting clear violent tendencies, producing a clear and present danger to others. Yet he was not properly dealt with, led into treatment, or kept away from innocent victims. Whether the topic is mental illness, gun control, gun reform, or violent rage that is at the root of the murders, it could have been prevented. The years of evidence that a troubled, enraged teen exhibited and was known and reported for fell through the cracks. The authorities, police and FBI dropped the ball and we cannot allow that to continue. If someone or the system acknowledged the troubled child turned teen and gotten him the help he needed, he would not have acted out like a monster.

Our human family is feeling the same feelings about the need to do something to stop the senseless deaths in our country, particularly regarding the terrible loss of children and young teens. Like the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child” we have to look out for our own children and other people’s children to keep them safe and well and all others safe.

If someone along the way could have been there to help the young man before he became a criminal, (whether from mentally illness or premeditated rage), it may not have to come to this. We must protect and care for our children as they are growing up and as they become young adults so that they are safe and well-prepared for life. Anything less is a crime to ignore a child’s need for love and empathy or to leave them alone to not be there to help guide them and find them help when in pain. A parent, teacher, religious leader, friend, another student, the police and FBI all have the same responsibility. Just like the movement, “When you see something, say something”- the same thing applies here. If a child or young adult is suffering, acting out, isolating, threatening any act of violence upon themselves or another they must be heard, taken seriously, and treated with the proper care and supports in place.

As a society, everyone is racing around, trying to remember how to breathe, meditate and be mindful again. It is a chaotic and ever-changing world that we live in. There is so much to pay attention to, recoil from, worry about, strive for and deal with- that we sometimes forget about our children’s needs. We cannot forget about our children. They are doing what they know best as they experience life as a child and they learn what they need and who they are. The childlike innocence and natural individual development needs protection.

As children grow, sometimes signs show up that a child is having trouble, needing help or support, making bad decisions, having difficulty handling their feelings and social relationships, or something else. They need a safe adult and as many safe adults to talk to, get comfort from, and be understood by. Most importantly, children need at least one parent or primary caregiver to give them consistent unconditional love, respect, and acceptance. A child who feels lost, isolated, violent, can’t manage their emotions or impulses must be taken very seriously.

It is terribly difficult to process the loss of life, particularly young lives lost from the vicious actions of another young person. It is time we do the right thing and rally for the welfare, care, and protection of our children.

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