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An Accidental Lesson

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My trainer and I enjoyed a wonderful Wellness Expo in Philadelphia. Afterwards, we walked into a magical florist shop that pulled me in. It felt beautiful and enchanting. As we entered, a large white gazebo welcomed us, with colorful, fragrant beauties of all sorts adorning its archway. I felt an immediate air of something Angelic with delights seen and unseen- like a Garden of Eden of sorts.

We discovered many treasures including surreal floral arrangements, bright ornamental roosters and apples, and sleek bamboo plants floated in marbled water, with intricately braided root bases. The scent of roses and lilies gently wafted in the air. A long, rectangular mahogany mirror hid behind an old-fashioned wash basin and bowl.

Suddenly, a quiet, slightly built man appeared next to me with sparkling eyes and an expressive smile. This gentle shopkeeper had a delicate, elflike quality about him, as he flitted about the shop and shared his floral passions. He gave me precise walking directions to my evening destination. I thanked him saying,” I loved being inside this special placefilled with pure sweetness in every way”. We shared one last sparkly smile and when saying goodbye, he said, “God will bless you today.” I felt surprisingly moved and touched as I had not heard this expression before. I appreciate the words, “God bless you.” Wow, he actually said, “God will bless you today.” I responded in kind saying, “God bless you too”. I turned away with intense gratitude for this distinct and perhaps divine loving message.

Once outside, I told my friend, “I think he was an Angel.” She smiled in acknowledgement. We hugged, parted ways, and walked in opposite directions. As I carried my two equally-weighted bags, I felt strong and free thinking about my future.

As I continued to walk, an abrupt event changed my life forever! When I approached the median strip in the center of the massive street, I was struck while walking- on foot!  Continue Reading…

Keep Calm and Mother On!

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When I was a little girl of seven, I wanted to be a mommy. I knew that someday when the time was right, my dream would come true. I was a student, daughter, sister, granddaughter, cousin, friend and girlfriend up until the time I got married. I worked many jobs and became a psychotherapist in private practice. When the time came, I became the proud mother of two incredible and lovable children. My path shifted as I morphed into a single mom to my beloved babes, forging ahead with all of the love and guts I could muster. Day after day and year after year I let my heart and common sense lead me. I learned to honor and enjoy my children as the distinctly unique people that they are. I guided, protected, and gave them all that I could as I included myself in the mix, realizing that all of our needs matter. I have beamed with pride since I carried and delivered my wonderful sons into this world and I am still beaming.

I am now the parent of two young adult children who I endlessly adore and my quest remains: to love and honor them as they walk their own paths. I have not been the mother of adult children before and I remain a willing student as I take their lead and learn how to navigate this new role. With an open heart and mind, I thank my sons for allowing me to love them in the best ways I knew how and for always teaching me about who they are and what they need.

I now teach other parents how to best care for their children of all ages. I also support parents to care for themselves since after all, parenting is the hardest job you’ll ever love. With a great big open heart, I remain calm and ‘Mother On’ as each new chapter appears. Today and every day, I gratefully acknowledge the gift of being a devoted mom who grows with her children. Unwrapping this lifetime gift is the best Mother’s Day present I could ever receive and I thank my children always with love, humility, gratitude, and courage. #parenting #consciousparenting  #ParentingforLife #DeepakChopra #MCA #MothersDay2017 #love yourself #love your children #LiveInspired!®


Speaking Engagement, “The Heart of Your Family” at Awakened Heart

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Parent hands holding childrens hands  I will be delivering a speaking engagement at Awakened Heart Spiritual Center in Wilmington, DE on Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 10:30 am. The topic of my interactive talk is: The Heart of Your Family. Please join us for this presentation as you open your heart to learn and heal in your home and family. I will be sharing some principles from my Mom’s Choice Award-Winning book, Parenting for Life. Deepak Chopra says, “If you are interested in conscious parenting, this book is an excellent guide.”

Awakened Heart is a loving, accepting, and safe community of people who value love, community, and transformational growth in a spiritual way.

Awakened Heart is located in the village of Arden at: 2119 The Hwy, Wilmington, DE  19810

Women Rock! Express Your Soul’s Music. Women’s Empowerment Workshop

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Live Inspired! ® Workshops with Nina Sidell and Bliss Mistress Edie Weinstein presents:   Nina and Edie Women's Empowerment             

Women Rock! Express Your Soul’s Music: A Women’s Empowerment Workshop               

Calling all women who want to take charge of their lives and claim their Divine Feminine Beauty and Vibrancy.

In this all day, pamper yourself inside and out experience, you will be invited to be guided on a journey of inner and outer exploration as we explore:

The definition of Aggressive, Passive, Assertive dynamics
Our her/story of early and ongoing messages from family, religion, culture and role models
Relationship roles and dynamics
Repressed sexuality and expressed desires
Double-standards and unfair comparisons
The concept of “Vulnerable on purpose” how we trigger each other as women
How we shrink ourselves, hide ourselves, and empower ourselves
Defining our power, its source and role in our lives.
How we limit or violate ourselves by over or under- sharing who we are?
Finding your supports and tribe as “human life jackets”

This experiential workshop will include:

Movement and art experience
Self vs. Outer perceptions exercise/“Feedback from your Universe”
“Bitch and Grow Session” or “Conscious venting”
Role-play; try on new ways to express, feel and respond to roles, tools to identify and practice)
What are you denying about or for yourself when you don’t speak up? What are you giving when you speak up and are effectively heard?
Shaking off the schmutz and the schmucks to attract love, truth, and guts!
Meditation/Creative Visualization
Handouts and home-play exercises
An opportunity to create community with other empowered women

Please bring a hand mirror, as well as a photo of your younger self which we will use for two of our exercises.

Date: Saturday November 5, 2016
Time: 10:00 am- 6:00 pm
Location: Private home in Maple Glen, PA 19002 (GPS says Ambler)
To register and get address contact facilitators: Nina Sidell 215-628-0282 and Edie Weinstein 215-738-8668
Cost: $80/ $70 bring a friend discount. This includes a yummy and healthy lunch. (please let us know of any special dietary needs)

Join us and own your awesome!


Parenting for Life Group Coaching for All Parents

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Parenting for Life Group is a (6) six-week parent coaching group designed for parents with children of all ages and stages.

This group coaching series is led by therapist, life coach, and speaker, Nina Sidell, the Award-Winning Author of Parenting for Life. Deepak Chopra says, “If you are interested in conscious parenting, this book is an excellent guide.”                                               

If you are the parent of a child or teen or have multiple children, and want to strengthen your parent-child relationship, clarify issues, and learn new insights and strategies for improved communication, closeness, and conflict resolution- this group is for you. Whether you are a single or coupled parent, this group will offer you clarity, support, and a safe and confidential space to explore, learn new parenting tools, and self-care strategies. The group meets on Wednesday evenings 7-9: September 21, September 28, October 5, October 12, October 19, and October 26, 2016.

You can register by paying on my hire page via Pal Pal. Individual parents pay $295 and couples special pay $465 before the first group meeting. Also, a copy of Parenting for Life and a notebook must accompany each meeting. I will email you the address once you register and pay. You can get your copy at: https://www.amazon.com/Parenting-Life-Nina-Sidell-M-A/dp/1506175589

Check out Nina’s video about her book:


Check out Nina’s radio and TV interviews about her book: