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Parenting for Life Group Coaching Series

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Parenting for Life Group Coaching supports parents, children and families. Reserve your seat now! Practical and powerful, Parenting for Life offers parents with children of all ages tools to strengthen and heal their relationships. Learn how to strengthen your parent-child relationship with love, understanding, and strength for life!

Coaching led by Nina Sidell, M.A. “The Mother of Lifetime Parenting”. Six coaching sessions (Monday’s 7-9 PM Jan. 21, 28, Feb. 4, 11, 18, and 25) cover the parenting process and your parent-child relationship from pre-birth until the end of your time together. Specific issues are addressed, dealt with and parenting tools are taught in this safe setting. Are you a parent who wants to develop your relationship with your child and yourself, and learn new, more enriching ways to parent? Find out how to “connect” with your child at every age and discover the parenting legacy you are creating with the guidance of Nina Sidell, therapist, life coach, speaker and author. You will receive support, ideas, information, and solutions. We will review principles from my book Parenting for Life to help build and heal your special lifetime relationship. Live Inspired!® Nina~

The relationship between parent and child is a significant and life-changing one in the life of and infant, toddler, preschooler, school-aged child, middle-school child, teen, and adult child. The parents history, role, and responsibility impacts a lifetime.  The way you relate and feel as a parent is also life-changing for you. If you are parenting or co-parenting raising or relating to children and/or teens–you are welcome to explore, sharpen your skills, and enhance your parental toolbox. Parenting for Life Group Coaching is a six-week coaching and support group led by internationally prestigious Mom’s Choice Award-Winning Author Nina Sidell. ” If you are interested in conscious parenting, this book is an excellent guide.” Dr. Deepak Chopra.

The six- week group is designed to provide a safe space to encourage, empower, and inspire parents with proactive and positive tools. Will will work with real-life issues alongside my book, “Parenting for Life” applying practical experience to inspire and enlighten you as parents. Personal awareness, accountability, knowledge about development, your parenting role, responsibilities and self-care will be addressed. We will meet from 7:00-9:00 pm. Participants must PRE-REGISTER to hold your spot and have the book before the first session. You can purchase a copy of Parenting for Life on Amazon, B&N.com, Create Space, and Kindle. A signed copy of Parenting for Life can be purchased from Nina on the first session. Contact Nina for more information, our meeting place, and to register via email: Nina@LiveInspiredwithNina.com

Individual or coupled parents can register using the Pay Pal drop-down menu below. Another group will be forming for adult children needing to discover, forgive, and heal their relationship with their parent(s).

Please ensure to make payment before the deadline date accompanying the next coaching series. Bring a copy of Parenting for Life book to each group coaching session. You can purchase a signed copy from Nina on the first meeting if you don’t have one. Also bring a parenting journal notebook or journal book, a pen, and a pencil.

Group Coaching Sessions

Thank you! I am here to help you live your best life yet and to help heal the world one family at a time~

Live Inspired!® Nina~

SAVE YOUR SEAT PHILA. PARENTS! “Parenting for Life” Group Coaching starts in one week.

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Parenting for Life Group Coaching ad PNG Attention Philadelphia Parents~ Parenting for Life Group Coaching Starts Wed. October 14th! Save Your Seat Now~ Six-Week Coaching and Support Group in the Philadelphia area. Individual or coupled parents are welcome to attend. If you are contemplating parenthood, expecting, raising, or relating to children of any age and stage of development, you are welcome to attend. A copy of the book, Parenting for Life is needed by the first session and can be purchased with a signed copy from the author, Nina Sidell. To Register and for more Info.:http://www.LiveInspiredwithNina.com Contact Nina @: http://Nina@LiveInspiredwithNina.com or call: 215-628-0282. I am here to help you live your best life yet!

Live Inspired! ® Nina~

Mom’s Choice Award Winner.

If you are interested in conscious parenting, this book is an excellent guide.” Deepak Chopra, MD


Paoli Blues Festival this Saturday

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I’m enjoying expanding my horizons professionally. Come say hello to me, share a hug or a handshake with me and get your signed copy of, “Parenting for Life” this Saturday, October 3rd at the Paoli Blues Festival! I will be signing books and meeting as many people as I can. I am looking forward to talking with parents, co-parents, children, and adult children who feel inspired to say hello or ask for support. I am offering my professional services as a therapist, life coach, speaker, and new Award-Winning, Deepak Chopra endorsed author to the community locally and at-large! It’s so much to build up and take in and it is an amazing journey! I appreciate your support guys.I am thankful and hope to do my part as people expand and the world begins to heal.

I intend to educate, encourage, and inspire parents, children, and families worldwide!

I will be taking sign-ups for “Parenting for Life” Group Coaching which starts on October 14 for a six-week program led by me- the author of the book and new niche’ in parenting– the practice of lifetime parenting. Learn more and register at: www.LiveInspiredwithNina.com and register to save your spot!

“What the world needs now, is love sweet love….”https://twitter.com/NinaSidell/status/647126368946376704
Please like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. Sign-up for monthly support: https://liveinspiredwithnina.com/about-eseminars/
I am here to help you live your best life yet.

Live Inspired!®

Parenting for Life Book Blast Off!

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Greetings guys! I am sharing my deep gratitude and thanks for all of you who are my friends, family, clients, colleagues, love workers, and those I do not know as well- but whom we share a positive connection! It is good to share this journey with you! Soon, I will be stepping out into new terrain on my professional path. It is very exciting and I am going for it! It has been a long, arduous, and fulfilling process. It’s time to shine!

I welcome your support, suggestions, ideas, and feedback about my new book Parenting for Life (Consciously Creating Your Lifetime Relationship With Your Child). (Coming out very soon!!!) and the work I do to support parents, children, and families in the community. My book, Parenting for Life will be available on Amazon.com US, Amazon.com Europe, Create Space eBooks, and Kindle. I am starting a Parenting for Life Group Coaching and Support Group. I will be presenting at local wellness, metaphysical centers, private schools and Meetups. Please look for me, my notices, and appearances. Books will be available during those times. Please come check out my work! I run a Meetup group called: Relationship Toolbox (Workshops & Spiritual Healing Group). We welcome new members to come out and build their relationship toolbox- for any and all kinds of relationships. Sign-up for Learn to Live Inspired!® eSeminar Series-a monthly support system for your daily life at: www.LiveInspiredwithNina.com

Please tune-in to my first radio interview. I will be interviewed on VividLife Radio on Edie Weinstein’s Radio Show called, “It’s All About Relationships” on April 23, 2015 from 8:00-8:30 pm. The URL is: http://www.vividlife.me Next, read on! The 2nd week in April, an article called, “Planting the Seeds for a Healthy Relationship with Your Child” is appearing in PWBN’s HER Magazine written by Lynda Dell about my book and I. The URL is: http://abouther.pwbn.org. I am here to help people live their best lives yet! It is about time my book gets published!!! I intend on making a significantly positive difference! Thank you for your support~ Please feel free to reach out to me if you want clarity, support, therapy, life coaching, or want to join a group. Check out my web site for all of the above in more detail @: www.LiveInspiredwithNina.com

Thank you. Live Inspired! ® Nina~