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Choose Freedom!

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“When you trust and honor yourself, heal your wounds with self-compassion and mindfulness, you choose freedom.” Nina Sidell, M.A.

I for one, consciously choose my freedom and strength by directing myself and my life, my way. I enjoy the process of being a lifetime learner as I evolve, confidently honoring and empowering myself as life unfolds. I support my children, family, friends, clients, audiences, and readers to work on their personal development and empowerment as an extension of my interest in personal growth and development. I welcome feedback to enhance my personal and professional growth and development. I choose freedom to charter my own ship, not waiting or asking for validation or permission from others. I accept and support everyone to find their own unique way, including myself.

How do you live your life, moment-by-moment and over time?

Sometimes we are raised to distrust ourselves and question our instincts, needs or feelings. In many families, the message can be that action follows feedback, permission or validation from outside sources. Life then changes from the potentiality of liberating choices, but a list of to-do’s that feel like entrapment without meaning.                                                                                       .

Choose Wisely:

  • Remember that you are in charge of your life, essentially you design your life and sense of personal freedom.
  • Your powers of observation, self-awareness, and your willingness to do your work make all the difference.
  • See your life choices as individual to you; do not wait for others or compare yourself to others. Folks grow at their own pace.
  • Explore what personal freedom means to you and look at ways to create or expand upon it in your life.
  • Seek out help and support if you need to explore your patterns or want to make better choices in your life and get stuck alone.
  • Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand to live a life of balance.
  • Choosing personal freedom improves and enriches your life in big and little ways.
  • Other people may not align with your path of development and personal empowerment.
  • Let go of choices that are misguided, hurt yourself or others.
  • Always consider what do you have to gain and give up in your choices.

Add to this list and see what you come up with that defines and helps you to create an empowered life. I am here to help if you want to work with me in therapy or life coaching. Choose wisely how you want to live your personal and professional life experience. You really do have a choice.

Live Inspired! ®

Inspiring Insights for Well-Being.

Nina~ www.LiveInspiredwithNina.com

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Who’s Listening?

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” Feeling truly heard by another person is deeply satisfying, necessary, and sometimes feels like a treat more than a regular occurrence.” Nina K. Sidell, “Parenting for Life”

Do you feel heard when you talk and share with others? Are you a good listener? How often do you feel truly listened to with your friends, family and colleagues? What acknowledgements are demonstrated to you when you feel that you are being heard? After all, communication is designed for both people in a discourse to feel seen, heard, and understood as a basic psychological human need. When we forget that everyone has something to say, we are more present and truly hearing both sides. Listening well and feeling heard assist in resolving conflict and bring people together. Even if those ‘agree to disagree’, or have no consensus, there is always room for a healthy discussion.

Here are some Active Listening Tips to practice and ask of others:

The Listener:

  1. Relax enough to be available to hear someone else and respect their point of view.
  2. Be present when listening by putting own agenda and reactions aside.
  3. Take turns to confirm what was said.
  4. Ask if what you heard is what the speaker said (versus interpretation).
  5. The listener responds to what the speaker says instead of sharing, comparing, or reacting.
  6. The listener talks after the speaker does in a shared dialogue.
  7. Respond rather than react.
  8. Thank the speaker for sharing.

The Speaker:

  1.  Set aside a good time to talk for both parties where there are no distractions.
  2. Be clear and direct and stay on topic.
  3. Make “I” Statements when expressing feelings or opinions to make the sent message easier to digest.
  4. The purpose of sharing is for the speaker is to be heard clearly.
  5. Blame, shame, name-calling, yelling and insults are not permitted when sharing.
  6. Learn how to self-correct in the moment if need be.
  7. Know that the goal is to be heard and not necessarily to be agreed with.
  8. Thank the listener for listening.

It is never too late to communicate well and to improve your skills and relationships. If I can be of help, please reach out to me whether you are struggling with personal empowerment or relationship issues at home or at work. Email me at: Nina@LiveInspiredwithNina.com. I am here to help. Live Inspired! ® Nina~

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Manifest True Love for Your Heart

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When was the last time that you felt deeply loved? Do you give to yourself in a way that demonstrates love and honor for who you are, how you feel, and what you need? Do you want to attract and manifest a partner, soul mate or companion where true love is present and abundant? The way you love yourself inwardly is directly related to the outer manifestation of love.

You attract, accept and tolerate what you think you deserve. There may be conscious or subconscious roots behind how you treat yourself, what you think you deserve; and both reflect your self-worth. You take care of yourself and hurt yourself, get involved in loving and difficult relationships, or avoid romantic relationships all together. How can you manifest your heart’s desires? Continue Reading…

Manifest True Love Workshop

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Greetings Love Workers!

Live Inspired! ® Workshops! is starting our monthly series called, “Manifest True Love”.

For the next few months, “Manifest Your True Love Workshop” invites you to spend an inspiring evening learning and practicing wonderfully enriching tools to help you explore true love in a safe, fun, and supportive environment.  My intention is to create a truly healing group experience that educates, encourages, and inspires everyone in the room. I have many tools in my toolbox that consistently garner positive results for participants.

Tonight’s event was RESCHEDULED for Monday evening (Jan. 8th @ 7-9:30 PM).  https://www.meetup.com/Relationship-Toolbox-workshops-spiritual-healing-group/events/245260903/ Enjoy Live Inspired! ® Workshops, “Manifest True Love” with me, Nina Sidell, M.A. We will discuss and explore the topic of Manifesting Outer and Inner love. This is a safe space led by an experienced facilitator and psychotherapist. There will be lecture, sharing, experiential and creative processes as well as meditation, guided visualization and homework. We will include working with Types of Love, The Law of Attraction, Self-Talk, Manifestation, and Mindfulness.

Please bring your payment of $20 in cash. I will not have a way to make change or take other forms of payment. Thank you~

We will be starting promptly at 7:00 pm and ending at 9:30 pm.

You will gain new tools in your Relationship Toolbox as you Manifest True Love Outwardly and Inwardly in your life as time unfolds!

We will explore our beliefs about relationships, true love, self-love, dating, sex, communication, and spirituality. You will have many opportunities with art, meditation, writing, large and small group sharing. I am open to offering some of my spiritual gifts to aid in the process. Each participant still does their own work.

The relationship you have with another and with yourself are themes to be discovered in this experiential and didactic therapeutic learning environment. The greatest path to learning as an adult is through experience, so as you participate in all of the workshops- you will glean more insight and skills as you manifest.

Please be committed to showing up if you sign up for events. Headcounts and preparation are essential to my running a successful group. Thanks very much~

See you guys soon!

Live Inspired! ®




Rise Above Worry

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Do you tend to worry about things? Do you think about what you have to do, didn’t do, imagine events yet to come, or worry about yourself or your loved ones? If so, you are not alone! Many people experience some degree of over-thinking which leads to emotional overload. Often times people obsess about things and events outside of their control and it is exhausting!

It is becoming a natural part of our society to live with increased speed, stress, over stimulation, and multi-tasking. Most of us are “plugged in” to the technology marketplace while others have opted to “opt out” and remove themselves from the maniacal grid. Continue Reading…