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Manifest True Love for Your Heart

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When was the last time that you felt deeply loved? Do you give to yourself in a way that demonstrates love and honor for who you are, how you feel, and what you need? Do you want to attract and manifest a partner, soul mate or companion where true love is present and abundant? The way you love yourself inwardly is directly related to the outer manifestation of love.

You attract, accept and tolerate what you think you deserve. There may be conscious or subconscious roots behind how you treat yourself, what you think you deserve; and both reflect your self-worth. You take care of yourself and hurt yourself, get involved in loving and difficult relationships, or avoid romantic relationships all together. How can you manifest your heart’s desires?

So when was the last time you took a good look at how you feel about yourself and how you feel about romantic and love relationships? Here is a list comprised from my Live Inspired! ® Workshop, “Manifest True Love”.

  1. To know yourself is to learn to accept and love yourself.
  2. To accept and love yourself is to acknowledge and honor your needs.
  3. Explore the overt and covert internalized messages of your childhood and your Self-Talk today.
  4. Notice what tools and coping devices you have used to survive and thrive thus far.
  5. Practice mindfulness on a momentary and interactive basis in your relationship with yourself and others.
  6. Do your “inner work” and get support to do so.
  7. Create a manifestation practice to best feed your heart as part of your self-care regime.
  8. Learn self-compassion when facing difficult or challenging moments and experiences.
  9. Dating is a choice and how you date is also a choice.
  10. Live and learn as you go. There is no other way.

Remember that you are an important person in your life. Everyone around you responds to you knowing or not knowing that truth. Not everyone will have a life partner, soul mate or twin flame. However, everyone has the chance to fall in love with themselves and their life. Self-love grows as you accept and honor yourself, learn and grow, and create and Co-Create your reality and life experience. The Co-Creation process is a Law of Attraction (LOA) term that describes the working energetic teamwork of each individual and the Universe or Universal Energy. This can be explained with Quantum Physics and electromagnetic waves that are too fast for us to see. We are made up of energy as well and there is a flow of shared energy.

Know that being open to the possibilities of life expands your horizons and that your consistent thoughts, beliefs and actions will often come back to you as you expect them to. Affirmations exist that are both positive and negative and can be upgraded. Conscious awareness and intentional thoughts, beliefs and actions help you to attract and manifest all of the time. All you have to do is to be aware of what your heart needs and follow it. Manifesting True Love may mean attracting a wonderful new mate or it may mean that you are going to love yourself and ensure a wonderful and meaningful life for yourself and that you are your own true love. Either way, you deserve to be the love of your life and your heart will thank you for it.

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