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Honor and Heal Yourself with Others!

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As the new year unfolds, walk the way of moving into your authenticity and personal evolution when solo and in your relationships. Follow your own lead rather than blindly following others. If you are someone who is on a personal or spiritual path- good for you!  While on your path, you may encounter others who are on a similar journey. Some of those people will be included in your Circle of Extraordinary People and some will not (as described in the book, Parenting for Life by Nina Sidell). Some relationships will be momentary, like the blink of an eye while others are short or long-term, and others become permanent fixtures in your life. You are responsible to honor yourself within your relationships and teach others how to treat you. Be true to yourself, your process, and timing as you progress on your life’s journey. You learn, grow, and evolve at your own pace. That is your right and personal process- something we all share yet is unique to us all.

When others tell you you are not where you need to be or you’re not spiritual enough, say thank you and walk away. If you are slammed with “should’s” and defensive posturing from others who proselytize, talk but don’t walk the walk, are dishonest, duplicitous, highly judgmental and egocentric, or hostile and defensive, despite preaching otherwise- these are red flags. Typically when you get unsolicited feedback or advice paired with highly self-defensive and dogmatic preaching, it is a mirrored reflection or projection of the other person. The health or dis-ease individuals choose to carry require honest inner work and self-reflection and may not accompany the spiritual person. The spiritual path is a beautiful one filled with love and beauty. Emotional and psychological health cannot be reversed or healed with a spiritual practice alone, devoid of psychological help or work with a good therapist or necessary medication. One can certainly feel better with outside sources and support, yet it is the true inner work that heals you. Simply pay attention to who people are- and not who you want them to be. Set your personal limits or boundaries and trust your experience and feelings. Pay particular attention to how you feel when relating to people. Honor your experience to help you learn, grow, and heal so that you take good care of yourself in all ways.

Human beings come to a place of introspection and self-honesty in a myriad of ways. Growth includes a wide range of psychological, intellectual, emotional, behavioral and spiritual factors and must be included in the spiritual quest. There is not one way to be authentic or evolve in this world and we must learn to “live and let live.” We are all on our own path, in our own time and way, and there are many methods to get “there”. Trust your intuition and inner wisdom as you deal with people, no matter who they say they are. See, hear, and notice how you feel and where you stand in all moments. Be true to yourself and be grateful for how far you’ve come! Learn how to open and close the right doors for you and find peace. Follow your inner guidance, it can never steer you wrong.

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Honor and Heal Yourself!

Honor and Heal Yourself!

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Honor, Heal, & Empower Yourself Workshop Series

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Join us in a safe and confidential space in this 4-week workshop series. This loving space is created for you to come be yourself, feel safe, be self-honest, and courageous on your path moving forward. You will increase your insight as the true healer of your own life. We will explore and identify areas of your life that need clarity and healing in relationship to others. If you currently feel or have felt disempowered, disrespected, neglected, abandoned, or abused- this is the workshop to attend. You will be supported and guided by an experienced and sensitive psychotherapist and life coach. The space is open and non-judgmental.

We will create a healing path for you moving forward and also for the greater good of the group.  bright sun on path

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