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Manifest True Love Workshop May 7, 2018

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Hello Love Workers

We are enjoying our Live Inspired!® Workshop Series, “Manifest True Love”. Please reserve your seat and join us on Monday, May 7th. This is a safe learning environment that empowers you and gives you self-awareness and new tools to bring into your life! https://www.meetup.com/Relationship-Toolbox-workshops-spiritual-healing-group/events/nsswwlyxgbdb/

Do you want to learn new ways to see yourself and your relationships? We are enjoying group exchanges that explore and uncover valuable truth’s and awakenings to help you in a myriad of ways. This loving and safe space is led by me, with over 30 years of experience and wisdom working with individuals and facilitating groups. We are journeying into the sensitive and powerful topic of outer and inner love. The workshops include lectures, experiential processes, meditations, sharing and homework. It is a journey worth taking, my friends.~

The tools you receive at Live Inspired! ® Workshops are life-changing! I look forward to working with you and guiding you on your journey toward greater love.

Join us as you kick-off a fabulous Spring and Summer! I encourage you to sign-up and show up. Your heart will be glad you did!~

Live Inspired!



Keep Your Cool Around Hotheads

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World of Psychology


How many times in your life have you dealt with a hothead? That is someone who overreacts and flies off the handle, doing so with some degree of intensity, consistency, and predictability, typically with minimal provocation. When faced with a hothead who occasionally or repeatedly blows off steam in your direction, how do you process the behavior and keep your cool?

Once you’ve spent time with a hothead, you learn to expect future over-the-top reactions. Their inappropriate intensity and lack of self-control may show up in limited or multiple scenarios. You may feel uncomfortable, even fearful and embarrassed around these people. They may be aggressive, passive with explosive tendencies, unable to appropriately handle stressful triggers, or lack healthy emotional and physical outlets.  Continue Reading…

Surviving Back-To-School Stress!

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I want to first acknowledge and congratulate you on surviving the close of summer, and hope you accumulated enough relaxation and perspective to carry you through for a while! Now, as a parent you must deal with the onset of the fall chaos and the process of beginning again with a whole new school year ahead. Continue Reading…