Tag co-parenting

Tag co-parenting

Co-Parenting 101

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If you are  co-parenting (whether coupled or not), you are not alone. You may be parenting in tandem with your married partner. Otherwise, you are probably parenting alone or co-parenting with your ex. You may be parenting on your own, relying on your own history, heart and skills aside from a detached relationship with your baby’s mama or papa. Statistics for 1st and 2nd time marriages ending in divorce have risen. More divorces are predicted as economic and financial security rises. Our society isn’t aligning with the family unit example of the past. Because of that, there are more single and blended families. Thus, more of a need for people to learn how to get along, and how to care for their shared beloved children is growing. There are various specifications of co-parenting today, such as married, divorced, single/never married, and even friends who co-parent but who don’t co-habitate. It is certainly Continue Reading…

Surviving Back-To-School Stress!

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I want to first acknowledge and congratulate you on surviving the close of summer, and hope you accumulated enough relaxation and perspective to carry you through for a while! Now, as a parent you must deal with the onset of the fall chaos and the process of beginning again with a whole new school year ahead. Continue Reading…