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Tag healing and empowerment

Don’t Feed The Beast

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When rolling along in life sometimes it is a good idea to stop and take a good long look. Look at where you have been, where you are now, and where you are going.

Do you know where you want to go?

You have already succeeded in many areas of your life so you have the skills and self-love to succeed again. Notice the constants in your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and experiences. What could you always count on and what has often been a challenge or a struggle for you?

Are you 100% invested in living with peace and joy putting your own particular beast, whatever it happens to be in its place? One’s Inner Beast stops you from living your best life and keeps negative patterns alive for as long as you feed it. The Inner Beast is the addiction, a diagnosed or undiagnosed psychological disorder, unresolved feelings and trauma, poor coping skills or relationship patterns, cognitive distortions, or limiting beliefs that take you away from being your best self. It is your life and journey to be lived as you think you deserve to live it.

When you take the time and interest and go inwardly in deeply honest ways exceeding a peripheral scan, you open yourself to great learning and power. By taking an inward journey, you are loving yourself with sacred self-honesty and respect. Your self-awareness opens the door to taking small positive actions every day to help you live your best life creating effective healing and empowerment. Being honest and respectful along with other vital skills are at the foundation for all good relationships, so start with the relationship you have with yourself.

When you own your strengths and challenges, you can then do something about them. Self-awareness increases opportunities for positive growth and sets you up for a better overall outcome.

Start with the special lifelong relationship you have with yourself.  Heal what ails you and start today.

The way to get better is to make small positive and conscious steps every day. Look at this list and evaluate where you need to commit your daily focus:

  1. See Your Life as an Evolving Story
  2. Your Issues are There to Teach You
  3. Identify the Beast
  4. Name the Beast
  5. Choose What and When You Feed the Beast
  6. Choose What You Tell the Beast
  7. Take Care of Yourself
  8. Do Your Work
  9. Reach Out for Support
  10. Practice Awareness, Mindfulness, and Self-Care
  11. Watch What You Create
  12. Enjoy a Better Life and Relationships

Please reach out to me if I can be of support and guidance to you! I am here to help you live your best life yet and to help heal the world one family at a time.

Take Good Care,

Live Inspired!®