Tag Women’s Empowerment

Tag Women’s Empowerment

Live Inspired! ® Group Coaching for Women

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Live Inspired!® Group Coaching for Women

If you are interested in receiving support and guidance in a safe place to gain practical tools to increase your personal empowerment, and connect with other growth-oriented women, this group is for you! We will be exploring empowerment in a professionally facilitated group with discussion, creative processes, meditation, and mindfulness practices.


Live Inspired! ® Women’s Empowerment Group is Starting on Thursday, January 10th. We will meet for four (4) weeks initially for two hours. We will be meeting on Saturday, January 26, February 2, 9 & 23, 2019.

This group will hold 9 people and extended to eight (8) weeks to further personalize and dig deeper into each member’s personal empowerment needs and goals.

This Women’s Empowerment Group will Explore:


  • Self-Image and Self-Worth
  • Early Messages
  • Motivation and Perception
  • Enhanced Self-Awareness
  • Sabotage and Self-Doubt
  • Assertiveness
  • Relationship Roles and Needs
  • Self-Care Practices
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Self-Talk
  • Personal Superpowers
  • Personal Empowerment Goals
  • Releasing and Letting Go
  • Raising Others Up Alongside You
  • Living in Balance
  • Own Your Truth and Voice
  • Find Your Joy

Reach out to Nina for more information @: Nina@LiveInspiredwithNina.com or call: 215-628-0282. PRE-REGISTER to hold your spot.

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I look forward to working with you~

Live Inspired! ® Nina~

Starting This Week! Inspiring Fall Events You Don’t Want to Miss!

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Fall Events You Don’t Want to Miss!
If you are  invested in your personal and relationship growth and development, these events are for you! 

Parenting for Life for Empty Nesters Group: Sept. 20th 7-9 pm 1st meeting

If you want a supportive, safe place to process and plan your new life!

Parenting for Life for All Parents:

Sept. 21st 7-9 pm 1st meeting
Safely process your experiences, grow your self-awareness, and learn new tools to strengthen your parent-child relationship! 

Deal with Difficult People in a Spiritual Way: October 24th 7-9 pm 1st meeting

Nina’s Powerful Workshop Series that teaches new skills you can practice! 

Women Rock! Express Your Soul’s Music Women’s Empowerment Workshop:

Saturday, November 5th 10 am-6 pm
Nina Sidell & Edie Weinstein co-create a wonderful day-long event for women!

Speaking Engagement: The Heart of Your Family:

Sunday, November 13th 10:30 am
Listen to Nina discuss this theme and her Mom’s Choice Award-Winning book, “Parenting for Life.”

Family Constellation Workshop with Randy Goldberg:

Sunday, November 20th 1:00-6:00 pm
Find truth and peace in your heart as you connect with yourself and your family history.
Click Below:

Invest in yourself and your family. Get your copy and give a copy of Parenting for Life- the ideal gift from the heart. Powerful and practical, Parenting for Life offers parents with children of all ages tools to strengthen and heal their relationships. 

“If you are interested in conscious parenting, this book is an excellent guide.” Deepak Chopra, MD author, The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents

Whether you’re contemplating conceiving for the first time, are in the throes of parenting, or you have adult children, Parenting for Life provides important tools to help you connect with your growing and grown kids in new and powerful ways.

Nina Sidell, draws from more than twenty-five years of wisdom as a therapist, life coach, and–most importantly–a parent to guide others through the mazes and pitfalls of parenting today. There are three sections and homework is at the end of each chapter for parents to follow. Parenting for Life is the visionary parenting manual for individuals and couples, both before and after they become parents. It can also help heal adult children who need to better understand and forgive their parents.

Let’s spread the love movement for families everywhere! Parenting for Life is available on Amazon, Create Space, Kindle and Barnes & Noble. Go to: www.LiveInspiredwithNina.com and buy your copy from your choice of book sellers/ 

Order yours today! Go to: www.LiveInspiredwithNina.com 

Live Inspired! ® Nina~

For those of you who have a copy of Parenting for Life, thank you! If you love the book, please spread the word by posting a positive review on Amazon. Reviews are so important to help others find the book and see its lifetime family relationship value.

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