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Women Rock! Express Your Soul’s Music. Women’s Empowerment Workshop

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Live Inspired! ® Workshops with Nina Sidell and Bliss Mistress Edie Weinstein presents:   Nina and Edie Women's Empowerment             

Women Rock! Express Your Soul’s Music: A Women’s Empowerment Workshop               

Calling all women who want to take charge of their lives and claim their Divine Feminine Beauty and Vibrancy.

In this all day, pamper yourself inside and out experience, you will be invited to be guided on a journey of inner and outer exploration as we explore:

The definition of Aggressive, Passive, Assertive dynamics
Our her/story of early and ongoing messages from family, religion, culture and role models
Relationship roles and dynamics
Repressed sexuality and expressed desires
Double-standards and unfair comparisons
The concept of “Vulnerable on purpose” how we trigger each other as women
How we shrink ourselves, hide ourselves, and empower ourselves
Defining our power, its source and role in our lives.
How we limit or violate ourselves by over or under- sharing who we are?
Finding your supports and tribe as “human life jackets”

This experiential workshop will include:

Movement and art experience
Self vs. Outer perceptions exercise/“Feedback from your Universe”
“Bitch and Grow Session” or “Conscious venting”
Role-play; try on new ways to express, feel and respond to roles, tools to identify and practice)
What are you denying about or for yourself when you don’t speak up? What are you giving when you speak up and are effectively heard?
Shaking off the schmutz and the schmucks to attract love, truth, and guts!
Meditation/Creative Visualization
Handouts and home-play exercises
An opportunity to create community with other empowered women

Please bring a hand mirror, as well as a photo of your younger self which we will use for two of our exercises.

Date: Saturday November 5, 2016
Time: 10:00 am- 6:00 pm
Location: Private home in Maple Glen, PA 19002 (GPS says Ambler)
To register and get address contact facilitators: Nina Sidell 215-628-0282 and Edie Weinstein 215-738-8668
Cost: $80/ $70 bring a friend discount. This includes a yummy and healthy lunch. (please let us know of any special dietary needs)

Join us and own your awesome!