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Keynote & Motivational Speaker

Nina Enlightens Her Audiences!

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Mindful Living in a Mindless World

Reducing the Power Struggle
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Dynamic Keynote and Motivational Speaker, Award-Winning Author, and Insightful Therapist. Nina Educates, Encourages, and Inspires Others to Live Their Best Lives Yet!

Nina is an evolved teacher, a wise sage, and an bold entertainer! 


Topics include: Self-Esteem, Transitions, Healing, Relationships, Empowerment, Parenting, Relationships,, Spirituality, and Mindfulness. Nina speaks as a Keynote Speaker, Award-Winning Author, and a Skilled Psychotherapist.

Presentations, Conferences, Conventions, Workshops, Training’s, and Parent Lecture Series for Realtors, Family Lawyers,  Schools, Colleges, Assisted Living Centers, and Hospitals. Topics Include: Positive Relationships and Culture, Conscious Parenting, Work-Life Balance, Personal Empowerment, and Mindfulness in Daily Life.

As a Speaker, she delivers over 30 years of professional expertise and experience, wisdom, and authentic relatability while encouraging audience interaction. Nina combines teaching, humor, stories, ideas, and awareness building exercises that engage her audiences to learn and be moved. She offers signature and custom presentations that pack a profound punch!

Nina delivers a sincere, knowledgeable base of information and motivational support while connecting with people. She is a professional, inspirational, insightful, and dynamically engaging public speaker. Nina connects with each audience member and offers meaningful take-away’s that reach far beyond her time with them.  Participants at her presentations are actively involved and glean significant tools for use in their personal and professional lives. The seeds planted at Nina’s events lead to profound personal and professional growth.  As a Speaker, Nina consistently receives standing ovations and excellent reviews!

KEYNOTES and Training’s for Businesses and Groups.

Speaking Topics:

  1. Mindful Living in a Mindless World
  2. Reducing the Power Struggle
  3. Achieve Personal Empowerment and Well-Being
  4. Create Positive Relationships and Healthy Boundaries
  5. Practice Conscious Parenting and “Parenting for Life”
  6. Self-Worth: The Key to Self-Care and Personal Growth in Relationships
  7. Live an Inspired Life (Mindfulness Training)
  8. Find Joy and Satisfaction in The Moments Past and Present
  9. The Power of Play in Everyday Life
  10. Learn to See Challenges as Opportunities

Tailored Programs for Your Speaking Needs

Enjoy Nina’s Speaking Video’s Here:

Listen to “The Heart of Your Family” Nina Sidell’s talk at Awakened Heart.

With Live Inspired!® Programs You Will Discover how to:

  • Own your truth and “personal super power” to support your confidence and evolution.
  • Intentionally and skillfully engage in healthy relationships with others.
  • Lovingly and mindfully craft your lifetime relationship with your child.
  • Be mindful about your self-care, creating a necessary work-life balance.
  • Empower yourself and others in your home and work relationships to create a positive culture.
  • Deal with difficult people and challenging situations with tools, empathy, and limits.
  • Set achievable and measurable goals that match your dreams and purpose.
  • Gain crystal clarity” “Ah Ha!” and “Insight Moments”, that foster accountability and authenticity.

Live Inspired! ® Programs offer supportive training to transform your quality of life.

Interview and hire Nina for a dose of inspired therapy, keynote speaking, motivational speaking, workshops, seminars, and good writing. CONTACT NINA for RATES and DATES @: 215-628-0282 or: Nina@LiveInspiredwithNina.com

Inspiring Influencer

Group Training Programs include:

  • Conscious, Mindful Living
  • Personal Development and Team Building
  • Empowered Individuals and Groups
  • Transform Stress into Opportunities for Self-Care and Transformation
  • Conscious Parenting

Our Programs are Effective for:

  1. Conferences
  2. Conventions
  3. Companies
  4. Organizations
  5. Hospitals and Assisted Living Centers
  6. Colleges and Universities
  7. Parents and Parent Groups
  8. Women’s Groups
  9. Private and Public Schools
  10. Spiritual Centers
  11. Libraries
  12. Families, Couples, and Individuals


Are you and your company staff living, relating, learning and working at optimal performance or is training needed? Are you a group of parents who needs support and guidance in raising or relating to children? Do you work in an organization, school, or environment that hires Motivational Speakers? Do you run a school who’s parent population could benefit from supportive parent education and relationship skill-building with their children?  Do you take time for yourself to feel rested, balanced and re-charged? Are you setting goals that match your purpose and vision?  Would you like to better manage your time, stress, roles and relationships to get you to where you need to be? Is your daily life and the path that you are on- working well or in need of inspiration? Let Nina guide you with expertise, inspiration and skill. You will be moved and motivated to live your best life yet!

If you, your company or group needs leadership to gain insight and skills to build personal power, efficiency, and collaboration with less stress, greater balance, overall well-being and productivity- reach out to Nina. Let Nina motivate, educate, encourage and inspire your staff or group! Programs are tailored for your specific company and organizational needs after an initial individualized business needs assessment. With a happier and stronger set of individuals who communicate well, balance work and home, the work environment then supports happy employees. With improved levels of communication, focus, and team spirit- group morale and greater work productivity result. Contact Nina to facilitate your group or organization now!

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See Nina’s profile, videos, audio, and testimonials on her Gigmasters Profile:  Motivational Speaker Nina Sidell (gigmasters)

Speaking Engagements to Date:

  • WWDB Philadelphia Talk Radio (Radio Interview)
  • Vivid Life Radio (Radio Interview)
  • Boston, MA Cable TV Show (on Nina’s YouTube and Vimeo Channels)
  • Lesley College Graduate School Forum Panelist (now Lesley University)
  • The Doylestown Book Shop (Talk and Book Signing)
  • The Bucks County JCC (Class Series)
  • Montgomery County Community College (Workshop/Class Intensive for Women’s Day)
  • Soulutions for Daily Living (Talk and Book Signing)
  • The Being One Center (Talk and Workshop)
  • Pebble Hill Church (Talk, Workshop, and Book Signing)
  • Awaken: Center for Human Evolution Events (Talks at Unitarian Church and Public Library)
  • Thomas Fitzwatertown Elementary School (Talk and Book Signing)
  • Main Line Toastmasters
  • Relationship Toolbox Group
  • Live Inspired! ® Workshops
  • Circle of Miracles (Talk)
  • Storytime and Show and Tell with Miss Ruth Philadelphia Cable TV Show (TV Interview)
  • Awakened Heart Spiritual Center (Talk and Book Signing)
  • The Being One Center (Class Series)
  • Sisters U (Talk and Book Signing)
  • The Women’s Council of Realtors of Southern New Jersey (Talk and Book Signing)
  • Doylestown Hospital
  • Dr. Sue & You TV (TV Interview)
  • Texas Library Association District 3 KEYNOTE SPEAKER

“Be the Change you Need to See in Your Life and in Your Family” -Nina