Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

“Commit to your life! Stretch yourself in ways that raise you up and support your success.”  “See your life as a rooted, growing tree with branches extending indefinitely into the atmosphere and heavens.” Nina Sidell, M.A.

I am here to help you build your life’s tool box: to achieve inner peace and healing, encourage personal development, support you on your parenting and relationship journey, and succeed in all areas of your personal and professional life.


  • Life Coaching is the process of identifying and fine-tuning your life goals to help you live a happier, healthier, and more empowered life. Together we create the structure and support for you to achieve these goals.
  • Life Coaching focus reflects the areas most important for you, whether it is personal empowerment, spirituality, healing, fitness, parenting, co-parenting, relationship dynamics, life strategies, business strategies, career and professional goals, or a combination of them all.
  • Life Coaching is a safe place to give you structure, strategies, and support. I am here to support you and cheer you on!
  • Life Coaching is not therapy. However with me as your Life Coach, you get the benefit of my seasoned therapy expertise when needed.
  • Life Coaching gets done with regularly scheduled phone sessions, rather than in therapy which occurs at the office, with in-person sessions.
  • Life Coaching keeps you accountable and offers ongoing homework to help you stay on track.

Life Coaching AND Therapy encourage personal development, relationship and career growth. You learn new tools for a happier life. Reach out: for your free consultation appointment Today~

Want to live a better, happier and more peaceful life? Find support, strategies, and hope in a safe place.

  • I am here to help you live your best life yet! With over 30 years of experience as a therapist and group facilitator, I use my skill, expertise, and sensitivity with everyone I work with. I offer psychotherapy, life coaching, speaking, and work with women, couples, co-parents (of all kinds), and families (of all kinds). My mission is to help people feel well and live with clarity, empowerment, and healing. This includes all relationships, including the relationship with one’s self. 

Learn how to make peace with yourself and your child for life! Invest in yourself and your child.

  • Parenting for Life is a unique parenting book that deals with the parent-child relationship over time. It brings a fresh perspective to your role as parent, no matter where you are in the parenting process. You are guided to develop your skills to best care for yourself and your child. Parenting for Life holds parents accountable, helps children forge their own paths, and strengthens the parent-child bond through love, respect, and empathy. This is the parenting manual everyone has been waiting for!

Let me guide you to honor yourself, connect well with others, take safe risks at home, in your relationships, and at work.

  • Whether individually or in a group setting, you deserve to realize all the success you desire. This includes your self-care, time management, stress management, and clutter management. Skills in each of these areas can be learned and implemented at any time. If you are willing to grow, you will.

I speak and provide interactive and experiential workshops that educate, encourage and inspire groups.

  •  Does your company, college, school or hospital need to bolster a culture of personal development? Does your college want to add Parenting for Life to your curriculum so that we can teach students about parenting before they embark on the journey? This book is an invaluable resource for any person who is a parent, who is thinking of having children, or who is an adult child who wants further clarity and healing with their own parent.

NINA SIDELL, M.A. brings her professional expertise and skill as a therapist, life coach, and speaker to you or your company. In a safe and positive setting you are free to explore, find clarity and take positive action for your best life.  CONTACT NINA and get started today!

Parent, Love, Learn, Work, and Live Inspired!®

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