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Parent Your Inner Child Well

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“I see and hear stories of other people’s pain.  I help them carry their truth, strength, and healing.” Nina Sidell, M.A.

Whatever your story, your personal life experience, and your reactions and defenses to date, determine your current and future experience. Self-awareness coupled with the focus on developing real self-worth is at the root of all real growth and change. Personal transformation requires readiness and re-parenting skills as you give and receive what you truly need.

As a parent gives to their child, you can reach inward and allow your inner parent to give to your inner child. You develop a greater trust and respect within yourself as you learn to meet your own needs with success. Your positive life-affirming choices and satisfaction evolve into a better way of life. All of your relationships grow and your self-assured confidence improves. When you re-parent yourself well, you are happier and consciously evolve into the best version of yourself.

Here are some ways you can identify your inner child/ teen:

  • Notice repetitive negative patterns, feelings, or unmet needs that you consistently experience.
  • Notice your self-talk or inner dialogue when happy or unhappy and identify their historic origins.
  • Get a sense of your age when dealing with repetitive pain points, negative feelings, unmet needs, or life patterns that continue to hurt you.
  • Ask yourself if you are aware of your younger self and parent your inner child or teen well- with the love you needed then and need now.
  • Pay attention to what and who delights you and lights you up inside.
  • Find out what you are afraid of, where you are blocked from moving forward that stifles, sabotages, or holds back your personal joy and power.


Here are ways you can take care of your inner child:

  • Ask your inner child or teen self what you need, want, and what you are feeling.
  • Be willing to tune into your physical and emotional aches and pains and find positive ways to attend to yourself.
  • Respect yourself by paying close attention as only you know what you need and want most.
  • Trust and respect what you need and want. Set limits with your adult self in charge to avoid excess, bad choices, or threats to your safety.
  • Create a healthy set of coping skills as an effective reward system that combines pleasing your adult self and your younger self.
  • Indulge your inner child’s wishes to let go, play, have fun, be silly, creative, fantasize, dream and enjoy special treats.


Remember, listen to the wisdom of your younger self. Only you know your life story and what you carry with you now.  You know what you want and need and have the right to give yourself permission to be fully yourself. You are truly free when you integrate your life from pieces to wholeness.

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Live Inspired! ® Nina~

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