Tag Mom’s Choice Award-Winner

Tag Mom’s Choice Award-Winner

Honor, Heal, & Empower Yourself Workshop Series

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Join us in a safe and confidential space in this 4-week workshop series. This loving space is created for you to come be yourself, feel safe, be self-honest, and courageous on your path moving forward. You will increase your insight as the true healer of your own life. We will explore and identify areas of your life that need clarity and healing in relationship to others. If you currently feel or have felt disempowered, disrespected, neglected, abandoned, or abused- this is the workshop to attend. You will be supported and guided by an experienced and sensitive psychotherapist and life coach. The space is open and non-judgmental.

We will create a healing path for you moving forward and also for the greater good of the group.  bright sun on path

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Author Talk & “Allow Your Relationships to Help You Evolve” Workshop

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Author Talk at 10:30 am and book signing afterwards.                                                    Picture1

“Allow Your Relationships to Help You Evolve”

Live Inspired! ® Workshops with Nina Sidell

At Pebble Hill Church Sunday, January 10th 1:30- 3:00 pm

This in an interactive workshop designed to support mindfulness as you allow and acknowledge opportunities for your personal growth in relationships. You will increase your insight as the true healer of your own life. You are invited to join us in a safe and loving space to explore what it means to grow within the context of your relationships. You will identify your path of personal evolution and find ways to strengthen and heal areas of your life when relating to other people. The relationships can be with anyone in your life.

Explore your role and responsibility in all of your interactions. Learn how to accept gifts of wisdom, best elevate your personal transformation, and rise above relationship challenges. You will gain clarity about how you want to evolve at this time in your life. You are invited to be willing to re-think the way you respond to relationship dynamics moving forward and enjoy what works for you.

With small and large group exercises, a creative visualization, and quiet introspection- you will have the opportunity to take away lessons for your soul. Your highest good is in focus while you move through the realities of time, life lessons, relationship patterns, other people’s personalities and agenda. You will create greater peace and harmony in your life moving forward.

Location: Pebble Hill Church 320 Edison-Furlong Road Doylestown, PA  18901  Suggested donation for workshop: $25.00. A signed copy of Nina’s book, Parenting for Life will be available for $20 (cash or check). Parenting for Life received the Int’l. Mom’s Choice Award. “If you are interested in conscious parenting, this book is an excellent guide.” Dr. Deepak Chopra Nina Sidell, M.A. is a skilled, highly intuitive therapist and life coach with over 25 years of clinical experience. She can be reached at: www.LiveInspiredwithNina.com

For further information call: 215-628-0282

Get yours today! https://www.amazon.com/Parenting-Life-Nina-Sidell-M-A/dp/1506175589

A Holiday Gift From The Heart!

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A Holiday Gift From The Heart!
Expectant Parents   Parents of Little Ones    Parents of Teens    Adult Children
Featured Book
Parenting for Life
“If you are interested in conscious parenting, this book is an excellent guide.” Deepak Chopra MD Author, The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents 
Mom’s Choice Award-Winner.
Featured Gift From The Heart!

Get your copy and give a copy of Parenting for Life- the ideal Christmas gift from the heart. Powerful and practical, Parenting for Life offers parents with children of all ages tools to strengthen and heal their relationships. 

“If you are interested in conscious parenting, this book is an excellent guide.”Deepak Chopra, MD author, The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents

Powerful and practical, Parenting for Life offers parents with children of all ages tools to strengthen and heal their relationships. Whether you’re contemplating conceiving for the first time, are in the throes of parenting, or you have adult children, Parenting for Life provides important tools to help you connect with your growing and grown kids in new and powerful ways.

Let’s spread the loving revolution for families everywhere! Parenting for Life is available on Amazon, Create Space, andKindle. Go to:www.LiveInspiredwithNina.com and buy your copy from your choice of book sellers right in time for the holidays.

Order yours today! Go to: www.LiveInspiredwithNina.com 

Live Inspired! ® Nina~

For those of you who have a copy ofParenting for Life, thank you! If you love the book, please spread the word by posting a positive review on Amazon. Reviews are so important to help others find the book and see its lifetime family relationship value. 

Get yours today! https://www.amazon.com/Parenting-Life-Nina-Sidell-M-A/dp/1506175589

Nina Sidell, draws from more than twenty-five years of wisdom as a therapist, life coach, and–most importantly–a parent to guide others through the mazes and pitfalls of parenting today. There are three sections and homework is at the end of each chapter for parents to follow.Parenting for Life is the visionary parenting manual for individuals and couples, both before and after they become parents. It can also help heal adult children who need to better understand and forgive their parents. 
Parenting for Life Group Coaching is forming! This group is for individual parents as well as couples and co-parents. To sign-up or contact Nina for information, a free consultation or speaking engagements, go to:
I am here to help you live your best life yet and to help heal the world one family at a time!
Live Inspired! ®
Nina Sidell, M.A.

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Radio Interview on WWDB 860 AM Radio “Lifestyles” Show

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Listen to Nina’s radio interview hosted by Brittney O’Rourke on WWDB 860 AM Radio on their “Lifestyles Show”. Enjoy learning more about Nina’s Mom’s Choice Award-Winning, Deepak Chopra endorsed book, Parenting for Life. Listen to some tips about “Surviving Back-to-School Stress”, the importance of treating each child as a unique individual, and the value of: Parenting for Life: Consciously Creating Your Lifetime Relationship With Your Child. Listen now as our area prepares for the Pope’s visit focused on The World Meeting of Families– I share his focus: “Love is our mission: The family fully alive–called together from all over the world in celebration of the family, the sanctuary of love and life.” Now is the time to focus on the family, and to advocate for children and parents everywhere. Live Inspired! ® Nina~