I accept most insurances. I will help you with your anxiety, help solve your problems, make decisions, feel less overwhelmed, and manage your emotional pain. I will help you organize your life, thoughts, and decisions. I have over 30 years of experience working successfully with women, couples, and children. You deserve a safe place to be heard and discover your feelings and needs as a healing formula for you and your relationships. Find clarity, support, empowerment, and peace now. You deserve to take good care of yourself and your mental-emotional and holistic health. I have worked in the psychology field and been in private practice as a psychotherapist for over 30 years. I run groups, provide classes and workshops and speak to groups. I facilitate other people’s growth and healing and am humbled to do so.

I support you to feel your best, find your authentic voice, honor your gifts and strengths, and create healthy relationships that work for you. 

Benefits Include:

  • Elevated Self-Awareness and Worth
  • Insights That Improve Relationships
  • Emotional Freedom After Divorce
  • Empowerment Through Difficulty
  • Custom Designed Family Wellness

Areas of specialty include: parenting, co-parenting, couples, relationships, personal development, “inner child” work, empowerment, and transitions. I have my Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy and practice Psychotherapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, and Bioenergetic Analysis to best meet my clients individual, couple, family needs, or relationship needs. I work with re-parenting and healing the “inner child” with adult clients and provide a safe haven to find strength and peace moving forward.

My professional mission is to provide a safe place for people to be authentic, feel heard, and valued while I educate, encourage, and inspire the best in them. I bring my expertise, skill, intuition, creativity, and spirituality into my work as a clinician. I help you find health and healing as you advance on your path and want to empower you as a hallmark of my professional care. Services include:

  • Talk Therapy, Art Therapy, Writing Therapy, and Psychodrama are tools used in this practice.
  • Bioenergetics Analysis and Body-Oriented Psychotherapy are tools used in this practice.
  • Parenting Coaching, Dating Coaching, Individual (plus Inner Child work) and Couples Therapy are specialties of this practice.
  • CBT- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Trained by The Beck Institute), Psychoanalytic Theory, Psychodynamics, Gestalt Therapy, Humanistic Therapy, and Mindfulness tools are used in this practice.
  • Meditation and Creative Visualization tools are used in this practice.

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When you choose a psychotherapist to work with, pay attention to what feels right for you. Follow your inner guidance and seek a safe place.

When you work with me, you get the benefits of a skilled, highly intuitive seasoned therapist, along with a practical and homework-oriented life coach.

“During the years I have practiced psychotherapy, I have been sensitive to each individual and the core therapeutic relationship between client and therapist as the foundation for supporting real growth. With a genuine sense of safety, support, and healthy boundaries, clients can trust the relationship to support them. Clients see themselves with more empathy and are ready to take safe risks, let go, learn, and grow. Once my clients feel safe, they open to self-awareness and new tools that help them heal and move forward. ” Nina~ 

Live Inspired!®

Individual Therapy and Coaching Sessions